Thursday, November 06, 2014

Ascend, Transcend and Transform

rise in love and make change in the world for within you is the highest expression of good waiting to be released. nurture your dreams in a way that when you awake remarkable things happen which illuminate the richness of your life. all around you there is a beautifully atmospheric celestial realm waiting for you to come home. ascend, transcend and transform.

in a moment of revelation create a new reality that lights the way with positive energy and sends prayers of love into the world.

build something beautiful. create something magickal. manifest something miraculous. shape your reality in a way that all may experience your magnificence. you are the architect of your destiny. build something beautiful.

to empower the heart is to experience the metaphysical realm in a way that guides, heals and is an inspiration to everyone.

beyond expectations there are deep and profound dimensions where like minded souls come together in circles of love in the hope of creating a better tomorrow.

be of service to each other and your life will become an unfolding story of magickal landscapes and sacred gathering places where the heart is illuminated by transformative moments that connect us to the angels and embrace us mind, body and soul with love.

poetic in form is the spirit. lyrical in essence is the soul. our life is a story written in the cosmos that it may invigorate and liberate those who truly believe in love. ours is world full of possibilities. ours is a reality of existential dimensions. every moment is a chance to be proud. every moment is an opportunity for affirmation and experimentation. let us explore each other and the world around us. let us live the song of our life in a way that makes the heavens open and the angels dance.

the more aware we are in the moment the more likely ours will be a path of life enrichment and profound change where we experience the heart of each step we take as we link to higher realms and angelic dimensions.

there are beautifully crafted treasures deep within waiting to be displayed in the gallery that is life that all may experience their grandeur and glory. know that you are a work of art. believe that you are a masterpiece. free the beauty within and bask in the glow of your greatness.

envision a greater reality of spiritual optimism where you live beyond your reach and celebrate the extraordinary as you dance freely in the light of a love that knows no bounds.

we are elemental magickal beings who walk inspirational sacred landscapes in this world and beyond as we gift humanity with messages of love. this is who we are. be who you were born to be. you are the light of a better tomorrow.

a smile that transcends, thoughtfully offered and motivated by compassion is a gift which opens windows of opportunity and the garden gate to transdimensional realities and afterlife experiences that elevate us to our rightful place in the heavens among the stars.

true soul nourishment comes from a safe and supportive environment where kindness, compassion, love and light are always served fresh.

life is a journey of wellness and those who are the healthiest in spirit are the ones who explore other dimensions, pursue meaningful activities, seek transformative experiences and search for magnificent new horizons.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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