Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Cosmic Dance of your Soul

discover who you truly are for in doing so you will awaken to the highest spiritual good and the cosmic dance of your soul will guide you to a place of nourishing and nurturing where beauty lives that you may create peace in your soul and joy in your heart.

create a loving nurturing environment and yours will be a fuller spiritual life that makes a lasting difference.

something remarkable happens when we put away our anger, release our fears, relieve our stress, remove our negative thoughts and let go of the past. what happens is we not only see the beauty of peace and the light of truth but we also begin to live it. change is a choice. something miraculous happens when we choose love...

enlighten yourself by going to that sacred gathering place within and climbing the tree of life for there is joy in the journey when we see clearly the beauty all around us.

create new realities by exploring the riches within and unleashing them that they may enrich the mind and soul as they manifest divine beauty and build a life of love.

be kind to yourself for love of self is what brings love and light to everyone. by loving who you are you beautify the soul that it may shine a light on your glory and goodness.

awaken to your blessings for the light within you is ready to shine. feel a deeper connection with the essence of your spirit and allow its divine healing wisdom to embrace you fully and completely. you are a miracle in the making and if you live that reality you will transform your world in ways most beautiful. the time has come - awaken!

we are all blessed in a multitude of ways. there is beauty and goodness all around if we choose to see it. know that a passion for living well will allow your heart to soar. change is always possible. positive actions create positive consequences. trust your higher self and embrace the truth that we are blessed in a multitude of ways.

gentle is the heart that smiles. peaceful is the spirit that sings. joyous is the soul that dances. let yours be a life of singing, dancing and smiling. be the gentle, peaceful and joyous being that is your birthright.

there is purity and power within which if allowed to unfold will manifest a world of enchantment and enlightenment.

when we engage in soul centered communication we continue to evolve in ways that are powerful and transformative. the soul has a clear cosmic perspective and by speaking, thinking and acting from the soul we light up our life with light and love.

help others awaken by sharing the beauty of who you are for you are a wonderful miracle and by allowing others to step into your greatness you begin down the path of a joy filled life.

you are an expression of divinity and yours is a life worth living. the purity of your heart is such that when you share it each breath becomes a soul freeing experience. live your sacredness and life will be the miracle it was always meant to be.

experience life to its fullest for doing so will bring you more joy and open gateways to wellness and transformational compassion that are wonderful and rewarding. within the core of your soul is a much greater truth and when you live each moment with love as your guide you change peoples lives for the better as you rise to your place in the heavens.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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