Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do You have the Courage to Heal

do you have the courage to heal. are you brave enough to venture into those spaces where spirit resides. are you strong enough to liberate and elevate those parts of your being that are divine. do you have the sense of passion and purpose to become the light you are. come forth in freedom. rise up in peace. awaken to your truth. you are capable of great things. believe in yourself and experience each moment in wonderfully amazing ways. do you have the courage to heal. yes you do.

a good and prosperous life comes to those who live with heart and meaning. wonderfully amazing is the journey for those who give and share selflessly with love as their guide. the beauty of life unfolds miraculously for those with the intention of serving in a way the benefits all. life is yours to create. create something spectacular.

a rich and full life is the reward for those who explore the deep layers of their being and use that wisdom to enrich, enlighten and empower others.

something wonderful happens when we nurture loving relationships. something sacred happens when we seek to serve. something profound happens when we share our love and light. something happens when we are active participants in our own evolution and it is something beautiful.

awaken to who you are. awaken to your kindness and generosity. awaken to your beauty. by awakening you open portals of spirit that radiate pure love and which will guide you to your higher calling.

let us all help each other heal. let us create a love sharing community of holistically meaningful souls committed to living happier and more fulfilled lives woven with care and compassion.

shaped by positive action are those who are devoted to helping people through love for it is through love that we create greater hope. it is through love that we manifest miracles and it is through love that we make our life a living landscape alive with meaning that serves the greatest good.

pure love and kindness are gifts we have within us to share and by sharing them we welcome all into our heart and soul. to give of oneself in a positive way is to facilitate spiritual growth and wisdom in a manner that shines a light on the beauty and power within.

healthy thought patterns create positive actions which shine the light of compassion on the angel in our heart that all may experience the truth and beauty of our divine intent.

the spirit whispers and we are forever changed. the soul smiles and we are enveloped by transformation. we are blessed beings and every moment and every breath are miracles to be cherished.

the heart is a loving space at one with the universe and when we use our heart for the greatest good we bless this world and beyond with the beauty of our true and sacred self.

there is a greater goodness within each of us that is as spacious as the sky and as bright as the sun. it is a goodness that rejoices whenever we make a loving connection. immerse yourself in your innate goodness and let the love flow freely.

within you is an inner light that burns bright. a light of beautiful positive energy that nurtures and heals. a helpful and supportive light from which blessings unfold. a light of truth that guides and empowers. immerse yourself in the light. be the light. it is your time to shine.

say it with kindness and let your spirit soar. live with true joy and let yours be an energized life. express loving thoughts and let yours be a meaningful existence. you are an amazing soul with the ability to change and transform your life and the lives of others. say it with love...

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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