Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Power of Love

learn the power of love for love inspires and fulfills. let the natural flow of divine energy move you to make positive changes deep within yourself. be grateful for every day for every day is an opportunity to grow into the beautiful being of light you were born to be.

a more positive outlook creates a radiant inner beauty which will lead you down a path of true peace and happiness where you will feel more confident and alive.

life is a path of infinite possibilities and opportunities for growth. let every moment be a blessing that educates your spirit and soul that you may live immersed in guidance and loving wisdom.

open yourself to other voices for it is when we are open to receive that we hear the voice of spirit. it is when we are open to change that we hear the voice of soul. it is when we are open to love that we hear the voice of heart. we are a divine temple of sacred beauty. open the door and let the light in.

you have love to give to others and by sharing that love you blossom into awareness and awaken to a life of greater fulfillment where you contribute to the light as you feed your heart and soul with positive energy.

with every breath you take you live an extraordinary life. with every smile you share you help improve the world. you are needed for you bring beauty, truth and light to every soul blessed to experience your glorious self.

embrace what creates positive flow in your life that you may better enjoy the journey. bring more joy and pleasure into your life that you may let the light of your soul shine brightly. dedicate yourself to helping others that you may transcend dimensions and set your spirit free. you are beautiful and your every kindness will serve you from within that you may heal yourself and the world around you.

its time for a karmic cleansing. its time to let go of the past. its time to release all the negative energy. its time to forgive yourself. its time to open yourself to the beauty of who you truly are. its time to love yourself fully and completely. its time.

compassionate and wise are those who create change in their life by dreaming their world into being for they are beings of imagination and inspiration whose every choice is a spiritual breakthrough.

allow yourself to be nourished by beauty and yours will be a path of sacred experiences and bliss beyond measure in which you travel to alternate realms where you discover the magnificence of positive energy and self love.

you have extraordinary abilities and by sharing that gift you manifest your highest intentions in a way that embraces your divine life purpose and allows your inner light to shine.

celebrate who you are by serving the highest good for doing so will make yours a rich and satisfying life where you transform at the deepest level and reach a natural state of joy.

walk with me toward greater meaning that we may feel more alive. walk with me toward a higher purpose that we may evolve and ascend. walk with me toward a better understanding that we may be whole and beautiful. walk with me.

i bring you blessings from fields of possibilities where flowers of freedom bloom in anticipation of the emergence of the sunlight within your soul. this moment, this breath and this day are opportunities to share your light. i bring you blessings in the hopes that you in turn will share your beauty and blessings. together we can change the world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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