Thursday, December 04, 2014

Listen to the Heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth

listen to the heartbeat of sacred mother earth for it will inspire you to live in service to the divine. set your soul free and become a spiritual experimentalist and you will discover that stored within you is the wisdom of the universe. every moment can be a rich life changing experience for those who with clarity and compassion truly see, hear and feel the magick that surrounds them.

your life story is a love story. it is a tale of perseverance. it is a story of hope and truth. commit to making the next chapter of your life a story of beauty and serenity where all your dreams come true.

to cultivate the spirit is to enrich your life in ways miraculous and marvelous that you may help yourself as you help others for yours is a soul filled with love meant to encourage, empower and enlighten.

you are a beautiful gem. you are a sacred treasure. you are a gift of light and love. you are an angel on earth. you are greatness and glory. you are a miracle. this is who you are.

a spiritual awakening is upon us and we are all embarking on a transformative journey across luminous landscapes where we will be showered with miracles and embraced by the heart of the divine.

discover within a deeper understanding of yourself and you will heal and grow in ways that open your heart to love and create a new enthusiasm and joy for life.

you are profoundly wondrous. to live an enlightened life you need only love yourself in a way that heals and nurtures. by embracing the beauty of your divine nature you create greater clarity and facilitate an authentic spiritual awakening that will enable you to experience love more fully. the time is now to live an angelic lifestyle for you are ready to soar. you are positively miraculous.

plant seeds of compassion. the highest compassion. a kind of compassion that envelopes the heart and soul. it is from compassion that trees of kindness grow. it is from this compassion that forests of love flourish. plant seeds of compassion.

life is an extraordinary teacher and if we pay attention in class we will learn the beauty of nature, the greatness of man, the glory of love and the miracle of our existence.

the true magnificence of a path of love is that it is a force for good which opens one to kindness and mystical beauty that they may live life more meaningfully.

without even knowing it you make a significant contribution to humanity every day of your life. for every smile, embrace and act of kindness sends out ripples of positive energy that reverberate around the world.

nurture self compassion and greater well being and you will discover a myriad of blessings which inspire greater joy and shine a light on the soul in full bloom.

every time you smile you create something beautiful. every time you embrace someone you love you create something miraculous. you have within you the power to create something magickal every moment of every day.

you are a beautifully crafted soul and the more determined you are to help yourself and make beneficial changes the more likely it is that others will see your beauty and your life will be filled with moments of inspiration that make a positive contribution to this world and beyond.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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