Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Loving and Compassionate World of Light

dreams and wishes are blueprints from which we build a loving and compassionate world of light sprinkled with enchantment. you are a ray of sunshine with the ability to create something significant. you are a miracle of truth and beauty with the ability to manifest something magnificent. believe in who you are and make your life a gift to be treasured and a blessing to be shared.

you are a generous and gifted soul bathed in positive energy. open yourself to this reality by embracing your greatness and sharing your light. weave a world of love from the spiritual fabric of life. you are a blessing and by cherishing yourself you change your life for the better.

we all have the ability to be of service. we all have the power to change lives. we are all beings of light. we are all beings of beauty. we are all miracles. this is who we are.

live in a mindful way as it will guide you to your truth that you may experience clarity and make life changing choices which lead to imaginative and original opportunities where every breath ignites the divine spark of love.

you are a beautiful soul. let not those who live in darkness deter you from following your path. you are a being of light. leave those who stand still in their ignorance behind. you are an angel on earth. let not those who see satan at every turn stop you from creating your heaven. you are who you are and who you are is magnificent.

by creating a loving home you build a foundation from which inner peace and harmony can evolve and grow in a way that inspires a life of purpose guided by spirit where you are the light of transformation and transcendence.

walk freely toward self empowerment and you will discover within you a reservoir of insightful guidance that will enrich your life with lightness and joy.

a greater appreciation of life and its blessings inspires healing from within and guides us to a place of hope and loving insights where we feel our spirit lifting as we are embraced by the light of the divine.

a soul affirming celebration of life and living will create and manifest a world of compassionate understanding that will bring happiness to all as it opens the heart, mind, spirit and soul to a greater reality.

a peaceful and positive approach to life inspires a simpler way of being which in turn facilitates healing within and leads to a spiritual resurrection where the heart opens and the soul rejoices in its freedom.

a more meaningful life can be yours if you venture inward and unleash your transformative gifts. life is an adventurous exploration of the self and with every discovery we blossom into the being of light that is our birthright.

when we awaken to the power within changes happen and ours becomes a life of miracles. look deep within for it is there you will discover your true beauty and magnificence.

a joy filled life comes from giving yourself the loving attention you deserve as doing so will guide you to a transformative place of awakened humanity where you can greatly assist others by showing them the beauty that comes from honoring and celebrating who we are.

believe and celebrate that you are a gift and a blessing. it is when we accept and appreciate our own greatness that we connect with the light and begin down a path of profound spiritual wisdom where we embrace the heart and soul of humanity.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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