Thursday, December 11, 2014

Take A Deep Breath Of Life

take a deep breath of life for you are a truly evolved soul and with each breath comes greater insight. to walk a path of deeper happiness you need only be grateful for the experience of being you. cherish the love within for it is there you will find your true life purpose. you are on a journey of angelic perspective and spiritual luminosity. with gentleness and compassion greet this and every day with sacredness and a smile.

you have within you amazing life potential and if you work with the light you will be rewarded with endless possibilities which guide you along a path of sacred exploration where transformation happens.

you can do this. you are strong. you have overcome struggles before and you will again. you are a warrior of spirit. you can handle anything life throws at you. you are resilient. you have within you great healing power. you will rise from the ashes. you are amazing. you can do this.

connect to your truth and you will realize that you have something special to give to the world. connect to your beauty and you will discover that you are something special to be shared with the world. connect to your sacred self and you will awaken to the knowledge that you are the world and what a magnificent world you are.

offer guidance to people and you will connect to your heart in a meaningful and significant way as your life becomes a healing prayer and an empowering journey filled with miracles.

ponder and reflect on your positive intentions and passion for helping others for it is within the light of your spirit that the greatest miracles happen.

awaken your passion and purpose that you may evolve to a higher consciousness. express love and gratitude for your blessings that you may bask in the glow of your generous heart. paradise on earth is a gift we give ourself by believing in who we are and living our greatness.

we each in our own unique way have the power to create something beautiful. we each have within us the ability to make miracles. we at any moment if we so choose can journey toward wholeness and go where great joy exists. we are extraordinary.

i am a beautiful spiritual being. i am a messenger of mystical truths. i am an angel of light. i am the ancient one.

close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the breath of god and the natural flow of positive energy within will inspire you to transform your life in a such a way that you blossom in love and light.

expand your consciousness and become whole. live your calling for the benefit of yourself and the enlightenment of all. walk your path in a gentle and compassionate way and yours will be a journey of transcendent moments. be the beautiful soul you were born to be.

listen closely and you will hear messages from higher realms which will open you to extraordinary possibilities by creating a deeper experience of self which will change your life in meaningful and significant ways.

when you embrace self acceptance a deep inner transformation happens in which you embody spiritual thought and action as you heal yourself. take this wonderful opportunity to show yourself the love deserve that you may experience the beauty of true peace and happiness.

live your true purpose and you will make a difference. awaken to joy and you will change your world for the better. fully express yourself and you will move forward into the light of transformation. the choice is yours. the choice has always been yours. live your higher self.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )


Cyndie said...

Such beautiful inspirational writing and thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul with us.

Cyndie said...
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