Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Positive Future of Spiritual Liberation

to create a positive future of spiritual liberation and deep transformation we first must set our heart dancing by sharing our light and love for doing so opens portals of wisdom which lead to new realities and empowering insights that make our every thought and action a metaphysical masterpiece.

a life of miracles and enlightening experiences is a gift we give ourself when we dedicate our life to serving, helping, healing and loving ourself and others.

uplifting and fulfilling is a life in harmony with the earth for it is one that honors nature as its mother and by doing so creates a love and respect so radiant as to open portals to other dimensions, doors to other realms, windows to other realities and gates to whatever heaven you believe in.

channel your higher self and let the fire of your soul illuminate your artistic and intuitive abilities that you may make extraordinary choices which paint a portrait of a life well lived and loved.

if our thoughts and deeds are positive we bless our life with grace and good fortune. if we embrace awareness and acceptance we will come to realize there are miracles awaiting our discovery. life is something beautiful which we create if we open ourself to its true beauty and magnificence.

go deeper within and transform yourself. there are remarkable possibilities awaiting within and by immersing yourself in the beauty of who you really are you will manifest a richer more authentic life of light and love.

live from the soul where love is abundant and share your brilliance with the world and you will be taken on a journey of compassionate support and angelic experiences where your gifts and abilities are the foundation for a positive energy space where you may proudly display the many beautiful things within you.

live and breathe love for by doing so you inspire a sacred metamorphosis that will lead you to a place of pure simplicity where greater consciousness and awareness grow.

positive outcomes of spiritual significance are the blessings which come to those who realize that every moment of every day they live with miracles.

journey to transcendence for it is there you will discover the way of the sacred, healing messages and teachings that enlighten.

a spiritual lifestyle and an appreciation for the truth within yourself will inspire changes in awareness that divinely guide you to celebrate life's gifts and explore the world in wonderful new ways.

wake up spiritually. emerge into a new world of positive intent. move forward in your journey while cultivating the highest vibration. live, breathe and be love.

listen with your heart and you will hear profound messages which will inspire you to see the world in a more positive light that you may walk your sacred path with a smile on your soul while living your beauty and embracing your truth.

communicate with your spirit for its heavenly guidance will lead you to multidimensional realities where angels walk hand in hand with mortals into the light of a better tomorrow.

the universe is within you and when you accept this divine revelation as truth you connect to higher realms and your spirit and soul are transported to a world where transformation takes place.

begin with a smile. now envision yourself happy. next create something beautiful. its a simple as that. you are master. you are creator. you can do anything. just remember. begin with a smile.

this is an age of miracles and the power of your intention is such that it can assist others in healing while healing yourself. open your mind, body and soul to the beauty of this meaningful time in our spiritual evolution and yours will be a life of profound and positive transformation.

listen to the voice of your soul. listen as it guides you to a life of loving service. listen as it whispers words of inspiration which move you along a path of spiritual evolvement and profound experience. listen as it transports you to a place of tranquility where your visions and goals align with your dreams. listen to the voice of your soul. it has something beautiful to say.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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Nicki Brown said...

I really like this! Thank you Michael!