Thursday, January 08, 2015

Live Your Higher Self

live your higher self and share your riches for life is a mystical experience and when we give freely of our many gifts we heal and evolve as we awaken our inner power and ascend to our place among the stars.

with joy and passion explore your psychic gifts as doing so will bring you greater joy and change your state of being to one in which you are immersed in wellsprings of love.

sail with me on seas of spirit to lands of light and love where we may joyously celebrate the mysteries and miracles of life as we dance with angels to a song of salvation.

we are all shamans and mystics on a journey of spirit. it is by reaching within that we discover our ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge. the time has come to live our greatness and share the beauty of our true self. we are all seers and sages.

believe that everything you do is something of importance and yours will be a soul guided journey of transformation and growth that inspires greatness and honors your sacred self.

with divine and conscious intention i seek to live in a loving and life affirming way that i may manifest miracles and experience the extraordinary as i transform my world and the world around me.

with guidance from higher realms expand your horizons, immerse yourself in the positive flow of energy and grow into awareness as you transition and transform into a sacred butterfly of love and kindness.

there is a newfound awareness waiting beyond what you see for the day you awaken to your true beauty and fully embrace the glory of your greatness for that is the day you will holistically connect with others and dedicate yourself to the greatest good.

open your heart to the mystical and let the celestial energies illuminate the miracle of self that you may see, feel and experience your true and sacred beauty.

we are multidimensional beings of light and when ours is a motivated direction that takes us deep within the divine energy of love we experience the true beauty of life as we live our higher purpose and vision.

the cosmos evolves when we engage with others in a shared reality of love and light where our intuitive inner beings are deeply rooted in the spirit of transformation and our common goal is to enhance and enrich our experience of being alive.

to live a joyous life have more faith in yourself and embrace your sacredness for it is when we truly love and believe in ourself that doors open and miracles happen.

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