Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soulful Truth and Beauty

see the light surrounding you and you will experience significant spiritual growth. look with clarity at the deepest parts of yourself and you will embark on an unfolding adventure of soulful truth and beauty. it is when we can see and love who we truly are that we heal from the heart and change for the better.

be grateful for the opportunity to relate to others in ways that inspire and you will awaken wellness as you create lasting change for it is when we are truly thankful for our blessings that portals open and infinite possibilities are revealed.

i am on a path of empowerment and spiritual awareness. it is my intent to share my love and light with the world. my desire is always to enrich and enlighten others. know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. know that i am sending you positive healing energy. i am on a journey of transformation and divine exploration. it is my intent to embrace all with my essence.

transform your life today. allow yourself to be guided by the sacred. embrace a new enthusiasm for your journey. transform your world today. allow yourself to be directed by the divine. embrace a new perspective for your path. transform yourself today.

everything has significance. each moment is an opportunity to explore new possibilities. we are infinite and divine. with each breath we can choose to serve. we are emissaries of light. celebrate the sacred and promote good will for all. life is filled with spiritual treasures for those willing to give and receive love honestly and respectfully. everything has meaning.

love who you are and you heal from the heart, heal from the heart and you live your souls purpose, live your souls purpose and you inspire your spirit, inspire your spirit and you love who you are.

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