Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Living Expression Of Love

let your purpose and passion be the greater good and yours will be a life in alignment with your dreams where every moment is a living expression of love.

actively seek to give yourself something to smile about and you will be rewarded with bright blessings and mystical experiences that will lead you along a higher path of divine purpose.

live a more compassionate life for by doing so you will look at the world differently which will inspire more positive thought and action.

the higher our path the more empowered we are. the greater our purpose the more inspired we are. the deeper are love the more enriched we are. reach beyond your limitations and you will discover your true greatness.

cherish yourself. give yourself what the soul needs. treasure yourself. feed the spirit with positive energy. love yourself. embrace the heart in a way that inspires miracles. the better we treat ourself the better our world will be.

love arises from the heart and deeply touches the glow of spirit changing our world and making life all the more beautiful.

it is kindness and compassion that transform our world. it is caring and sensitivity that bring us happiness and fulfillment. it is sympathy and empathy that guide us along pathways of prayer and it is love and light that make us realize inspiration is everywhere and that we have within us the ability to create and shape our existence into something beautiful.

listen to the voice of spirit and you will experience the miraculous. listen to the wisdom of the heart and you will experience greater love. listen to the whispers of the soul and you will experience joy and inner peace. listen.

every moment of our lives is an opportunity to evolve. each day we are given the chance to appreciate the beauty around us. transformation begins by seeing and realizing the miracles of life. let today be the day that opportunity becomes reality and reality becomes something grand and glorious.

you are a sensitive and caring soul beautifully crafted of love and light. open yourself to your true greatness and compassionately discover the essence of pure joy blossoming within.

belief is the greatest gift we can give ourself for it is a gift of love that deeply touches us mind, body and soul creating a rich tapestry of divine experiences which inspire and transform.

undress your spirit that it may stand naked in the beauty of the ethereal world that all may see the magnificence of its imperfection and know that our flaws are gifts and that we are glorious.

use your gifts to help others for by helping others you engage the soul in a way that will open you to the beauty and miracle that is your sacred existence where you will experience a greater love for self and humanity.

there is brilliance within you. there is energy of the ancestors. there is wisdom of the ancients. there are things wonderful and glorious. look within with the knowledge that your hopes and dreams have power. there is beauty within you.

when we listen to the heartbeat of heaven we see the world differently. when we see the world differently we give meaning to our life. when we give meaning to our life we feel more alive. when we feel more alive we immerse ourself in light and love. when we immerse ourself in light and love we come home to who we truly are. when we come home to who we truly are we embrace the world with a smile. life is really quite simple once you realize that when you do things that make you happy you are rewarded by the heavens. if you listen closely you will hear the heartbeat of heaven and when we listen to the heartbeat of heaven....

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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