Thursday, October 02, 2014

Butterfly of Transformation

you are a butterfly of transformation. a beautiful and special gift filled with inspiration. you are a being of infinite knowing and a blessing to all. believe in your greatness. believe in your magnificence. believe that yours is a life of meaning and significance. you are an angel of transcendence.

be spiritually responsible. illuminate your life with love. be as free as the open sky, empower yourself and awaken your divinity as you contribute to the well being of all. be spiritually responsible.

believe this: you are a vibration of joy, you are a gift of sacred beauty, you are a being of light, you are worthy of all the blessings life has to offer, you are a miracle, you are a treasure and you are the embodiment of love.

you have many gifts to share and every time you share a gift you learn how to enjoy life more for giving of yourself awakens your divinity and makes every moment an expression of light.

you are an awakening being and when you explore possibilities beyond your reach is when you begin to find deeper meaning and live your life in meditative and contemplative ways that make every experience profound and prophetic.

once one realizes that we are spiritual explorers on a personal transformative journey of light and love walking angelic pathways where miracles flow the heavens open and life becomes a divine celebration.

you are a blessing of joy. your very essence contributes to a better world. you are a being of light with a nurturing spirit and an inspiring soul. know that by giving yourself the freedom to shine the universe will reward you by allowing you to see more clearly the miracles that surround you. it is when we live our life as a prayer and celebrate its divine beauty that the heavens open and we are shown the extraordinary. you are a blessing of love.

we are flowers of life and when we choose to blossom in ways that are kind and compassionate we inspire the soul to smile and our path becomes one of infinite joy that connects us all in the light of love divine.

embrace your soul and walk a path of self love for the more you love yourself the more beauty and bliss the universe will bless you with.

share compassion. share kindness. share the liberating power of your soul. share your light. share the love within your heart. share your hopes and dreams share your true and sacred self. share.

ours is a world of infinite possibilities and rich life experiences. we have before us a feast of metaphysical enrichment and spiritual nourishment. its up to us to see that opportunity is not something you find its something you create. look at the beauty of that which is before you and create with it the life you desire and deserve.

look within to the life before you were born and you will discover a mystical path that positively empowers as it awakens you to greater consciousness and the highest good.

in deep gratitude i embrace my desire to serve with mindful purpose that i may connect to the universe in a way that is good to myself and others as i evolve into a sacred light that shines on all creating a lifetime of beauty and blessings.

embody the blessing you are for doing so is the transformational tool that will guide you to achieve your highest good and live a life that is a positive message to be cherished and adored.

set your compass for greater joy and abundance. life is a journey and we choose the destination. we choose the path. we choose every step along the way. set your compass for greater love and kindness.

i seek to live a purposeful life of heartfelt devotion to the divine within that i may bless the world with knowledge from spirit and wisdom from the ancients as i walk with grace and beauty to a sacred garden of love and light.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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