Thursday, October 23, 2014

You are Deserving of Greatness

empower yourself by doing something you love. enrich yourself by freeing the clear pristine energy within that your life may have the most positive impact. enlighten yourself by fulfilling your dreams in a way that is relevant and revelatory as you weave passion and compassion into your every breath. love yourself enough to do these things for you are deserving of greatness.

you are a vibrant and unique emissary of light with the ability to harness new possibilities and manifest the cosmic while making an important contribution to the betterment of humankind. believe and live this truth.

it is when we are inspired to help others that we journey through the cosmos to a luminous horizon where we can harness new possibilities and see with clarity the beauty and sacredness of all things.

i had breakfast with darkness and depression this morning because they needed somebody to talk to. since i have experienced both of their worlds i thought i could shine some light on their situation. we as a society tend to punish those who are broken rather than trying to heal them in a way that inspires them to end the cycle and begin on a new path of love that is pure and true. i am having lunch with hatred and anger this afternoon because they are in desperate need of a hug.

call upon your guardian angels that they may help you fashion a beautiful life that awakens bliss and makes every breath a rewarding experience to cherished and celebrated.

life loves you. open your heart to love and you open your life to true and lasting happiness.

a charmed life of spiritual treasures and sacred beauty is the reward for those whose awareness of the divine guides them to use their glorious gifts and generous spirit to be of service to the world. be a flower that reaches for the light and yours will be a path of deeply moving moments and life altering experiences that fill your heart and soul with love.

play and dance. educate and inspire. live, laugh, learn and love. swim in rivers of love and bathe in oceans of light. this is your life to live. make every experience something special.

i have lived on the streets. i have seen the worst in people. i have lost everything. i have been depressed. i have been suicidal. i have embraced the darkness and been betrayed by the light. i have lost many a battle but i am winning the war. i have a lovely wife. i have an amazing child. i have a wonderful home. i may be broken and battered but i am beautiful. i am alive. i am worthy. i am sacred. i am special. i am loved. i am the ancient one.

those who are dedicated to the well being of all connect deeply and compassionately with their sacred self and are able to create a miraculous life of greater impact and spiritual significance.

to love yourself is to self heal and transform for the more we embrace the beauty of who we are the better able we are to handle lifes challenges. be passionately committed to loving yourself and yours will be a joyful life that inspires the heart and soul.

find your spiritual purpose and uncover the joys within. you are precious and divine. by discovering your purpose you empower your daily life as your healing gifts evolve and your light illuminates a path of love.

a greater awareness of self and ones true beauty connects us to our destiny in a way that our soul may evolve in a positive manner and we may live a life of higher vibrations and profound cosmic significance.

you are breathtakingly beautiful within and it is when you accept that reality and know your true self that you begin to communicate with other enlightened beings and start your journey to a place of extraordinary miracles where every act is one that inspires love and kindness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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