Thursday, February 26, 2015

A More Loving Existence

i ask of you who are seekers of beauty and truth to see beyond dimensions and fill your heart with joy. I ask of you who are messengers of spirit to create a more loving existence of profound sacred transformation. i ask of you who are beings of light to reach above this reality to a place of freedom where every moment is a life enhancing experience. i ask of you who are miracles of existence to be, do and manifest what you love. this is all i ask. what is your answer.

believe and embrace the truth that you are a loving bright light who was born to add more love to the world.

there is a beacon of light shining within the eyes of the soul which illuminates the divine in all whenever we give our love to others.

we transform the lives of others when shape our life in a way in which every choice is one of maximum spiritual benefit. we make the world a better place when we share our love in a way in which every step is one of kindness and compassion.

we as angels on earth are ever changing and evolving into vibrant voices of spirit whose purpose is simply to live the best life possible. spread your wings and live your purpose.

contribute positively to life on earth by creating a positive lifestyle of grace and wisdom in which you empower yourself with spiritually enriching experiences as you shine your light and love on all.

mine is a lifelong dedication to spirit. an inspiring adventure of sacred evolution and transforming experiences. i am grateful for my blessings and thankful for every soul who has touched my life. i love you.

embark on a sacred journey in which the joy you feel in helping others creates a light of love that embraces the spirit and inspires the soul for yours is a divine purpose and by living your truth and sharing your beauty you can change the world.

discover your truth for within you are meaningful messages full of life and positive energy waiting to bless you with comforting moments and sacred experiences.

when we embrace our life with genuine gratitude we blossom outward as we embark along a path rooted in spiritual experiences for to be sincere, grateful and thankful is to ignite the spirit and light the lamp of love.

being of service allows me to connect with people in an inspirational and thought provoking way that explores the deepest levels of love and changes life for the better.

live your happiness with an open mind and heart as doing so will lead you down a much more positive path where you will be able to teach yourself new things as you create harmony within the soul.

look within and you will discover something far more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. you will discover your true and sacred self.

ignite what lights your spirit and believe with all your heart that yours will be a brilliant life of sacred exploration and divine transformation for it is our thoughts and actions that awaken us the the beauty of who we are.

a loving soul works miracles. open your soul and release its beauty that all the world may benefit from your sacred light and divine essence.

help people smile. help people laugh. help people live and help people love. we create harmony and wellness when we are fearlessly compassionate. help people love. help people live. help people laugh and help people smile.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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