Thursday, March 05, 2015

Embrace The Purity Of Love

be true to who you are. celebrate your magnificence. live a positive life of higher spiritual understanding. expand your consciousness. embrace the purity of love. align with your destiny as you manifest a life of meaning. believe in the miracle of your existence. life is yours to shape as you like and with every thought, action and choice you have the opportunity to create something beautiful.

you are an infinite being glowing with radiant beauty whose heart is filled with kindness, compassion and love. open your heart that the entire universe may experience the glory and greatness of who you are.

advice from spirit: love what is, improve the way you think, embrace your humanity, discover your bliss, journey inward, nourish the soul, appreciate your worth, touch people with your wisdom, make life changing connections, dare to be you and love yourself happy.

when we live our passions our life becomes a most beautiful thing for by dedicating ourself to manifesting our dreams and visions we create a magickal existence in which ours is an inspired spirit that dances in celebration of the glory and greatness of who we are.

live life fully with a wonderful purpose and a heart full of light and you will feel your soul open as you awaken to your own magnificence.

you are the flower of life and every time you smile you blossom in a way that embraces the world with a light that sends out a message of love.

let me embrace the wholeness of your being that i may truly experience the sacredness of life for yours is a light that flowers from within and radiates a love that enriches and enlightens.

transform your thoughts and you will transform your actions. transform your actions and you will transform your thoughts. we are ever evolving and transforming. fear not change embrace it with an attitude of hope and optimism for you are capable of great things.

every experience is a transforming experience and we as beautiful beings of light have the choice of whether to make it a positive experience.

there is a path within which leads to positive vibrations that when discovered will inspire you with a spirit nourishing truth that will change your world forever.

live your passion with a purpose. live your purpose with a passion. love the life you live. live the life you love. to live is to love and to love is to live. let this be the day when love and life become one.

deep within your soul is a place of possibility where dreams come true and miracles manifest. your purpose on this earth is to go within and release those dreams and miracles that all the world may experience your true and sacred beauty.

we blossom within when we wrap our lives in love. let your every thought and action be ones that are shaped by love and yours will be a path of great beauty that changes lives in ways miraculous.

make heart centered choices. make soul centered choices. make spirit centered choices. make choices that inspire and enrich. make choices that empower and enlighten. make choices that transform and transcend. life is about choices and when we make choices of meaning and purpose we shape a reality we can be proud of.

every experience is an experience that inspires when we look at life through the eyes of spirit for it is when we see the truth of our existence that we appreciate how truly beautiful we are and how amazingly miraculous life is.

in the garden of your soul plant seeds of love and yours will be a sacred harvest that nourishes the spirit as it enriches the lives of all blessed to experience your goodness.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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