Friday, March 13, 2015

We Are Spiritual Seekers

we are spiritual seekers, sacred messengers, ancient sages, divine storytellers and beautiful beings of light. let us live our truth and share our treasures that we may manifest a world we can be proud of.

you are unique in a way that beautifies this world for you are an enchanted soul on an empowering journey to happiness and every time your express your unique essence you move one step closer to bliss.

come alive, be aware, open your heart, explore your soul, live your truth and love your life.

yours is a sacred birthright rooted in love and light, for you are born of goodness and it is the beauty of that truth which if embraced that will guide you to a greater tomorrow.

pray with love as your sacred influence and release each prayer like a rainbow in the sky that it may brighten the world of others as it beckons angels and spirits to dance together to the sweet song of life.

the heart is a teacher and if you listen with love as your guide you will learn to generate happiness and have a kinship with all living things as you make your world a warm and welcoming place.

i dreamed myself awake and became aware of the blessings of the sacred and for that i am thankful for there is joy in knowing.

plant seeds of positive intention that yours may be a garden that nourishes the soul by allowing people to taste the richness and goodness of life.

i looked out the window this morning and saw life smiling back at me. it was then i realized that for life to be smiling back at me i must be smiling. sometimes joy sneaks up on us. such is life.

close your eyes and feel the miracle. feel the positive energy flowing within you. feel the divine within. you are an extraordinary soul and if you believe in the beauty of who you are a new world will open itself to you and you will feel the magnificence of your heavenly self.

there is joy in the discovery of our sacred self for when we realize that we are angels here on earth our life becomes a thing of beauty to be celebrated.

you make a better world whenever you smile. you transform lives whenever you open your arms in kindness. you are a shining light to be treasured. believe in the beauty of who you are.

goodness gladdens the heart and embraces the deepest part of the soul as it unites mind and spirit in love and kindness. be good for it is the greatest thing you will ever do.

use your spiritual gifts to help yourself, others and the earth for it is by making every act an act of love that we create a life we can truly treasure and be thankful for.

nurture others with love. nourish others with love. enrich others with love. empower others with love. inspire others with love. transform others with love. whatever you do in life do it with love. nurture yourself with love...

to live a better life is to share more deeply. to live your higher self is to love more sacredly. let your intention be one that empowers for those who reach the greatest heights are those who choose to fly.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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