Thursday, March 19, 2015

Passionate Positive Change

passionate positive changes are made by people of clear intent who feel the goodness within and make it their purpose to set it free that it may inspire souls and transform lives.

enlightened and transformative are those journeys which inspire greater self love for the more one is able to love who they are the more likely they are to live a creative life of spirit that leads to higher levels of transcendence.

i invite positive energy into my life. i embrace blessings of inspiration. i immerse myself in experiences that awaken and enrich. i believe in something greater. i make choices that manifest miracles and i release the spirit within. this is who i am and this is how i live my life. i am micheal. i am the ancient one.

live and love in a sacred way for you are made of miracles and everything you touch is blessed by the beauty of who you are.

to love is a life affirming change. to laugh is a life affirming change. to smile is a life affirming change. to live is a life affirming change. make life affirming changes and yours will be a world of deep abiding joy compelled by passion and positive intent.

evolve into a place of positivity where the soul and spirit live together in harmony as guiding lights which inspire you to become fully alive that you may feel the beauty of the love that flows within and share it with the universe.

focus on the positive and with clear intention set your sights on a higher reality in which with divine guidance you evolve in a way that makes your life a soul healing prayer of love where your heart blossoms and your spirit sings.

every time you inspire a heart you create beauty and joy within yourself and as those gifts accumulate you manifest a flow of positive energy that heals and transforms. to touch a heart in a meaningful way is to serve humanity in a manner which makes the world a better place.

i bring healing with me wherever i go. i carry it in my heart and when needed i share it with those whose life needs some light and love.

blessings of enchantment to every kind and generous soul who has ever shared a smile with me for it is simple gestures like that which enrich lives and change worlds. beauty begins with a smile. joy begins with a hug. its just that easy. hold me with your smile and let its beauty hug me til i am happy.

every soul is gifted and if you look deep within you will discover just how miraculous you are.

uplift and empower your life by loving yourself in a way that expands your mind and enriches your spirit for it is by showing ourself great kindness and compassion that we begin to live our magnificence and transform our world into something beautiful.

live your life as a blessing. live every moment as a miracle. live with courage and gratitude. live in service to others. live with the knowledge that you are a vessel of divine love. live a spirit filled life. live, live, live!

we heal the heart with every smile. we heal the spirit with every loving embrace. we heal the mind with every positive thought and we heal the world with every kind and compassionate action. sing with me, dance with me, heal with me.

this and every moment are transformative opportunities. they are moments of infinite possibilities in which we can create miracles. they are steps along a path that we can shape however we so choose. this is your moment.

live with good intention and let love be your passion, purpose and highest calling for you are a sacred light meant to guide in ways powerful and profound.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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