Friday, March 22, 2013

Healing Begins With Belief

We all have the Ability to be Spiritual Healers as long as We accept the Truth that Healing begins with Belief and ends with Love.

i have a deep reverence for those whose beauty is spiritual. i admire those whose smile has the glow of greatness and whose touch radiates goodness. i have an overwhelming love for those of clear vision and insight who see a brighter tomorrow and work in meaningful ways to create it. i admire they who live the human experience from a spiritual perspective. i have a deep reverence for you.

You are Gifted with Life. Open that Gift and Share it. Open that Gift and Love it. Open that Gift and Embrace it. Open that Gift.

May you be a Vessel of Light that Illuminates a Path of Gentle Loving Energy as you Ignite the Soul with Love and May your Brightest Self engulf the World in Harmony as you Walk with Angels and Dance with Gods.

Gentle and Loving are We who feed our Soul with Love and Immerse our Spirit in Light for We are the Chosen Ones who will Lead the World to a Place of Higher Vibration and Harmony where all live in Peace.

There is a Bridge of Light which leads to Higher Spiritual Landscapes that is made Visible when the Journey of Evolving Spirit is one of Love.

There is a Grace and Glory to a Love which is Born of a Desire for the Greatest Good. A Love that is Built from the Living Awareness that We are all Light Beings on a Path of Spiritual Growth, is a Love that Listens from the Heart to the Sweet Voice of God.

The Beauty of the Soul is Revealed every time we Reach Out to Help Lift the Spirits of someone in need for their is no Greater Beauty than Kindness.

there is a place of healing energy within each soul where the mystical knowledge of the ancients builds bridges to a brighter future for us to find the moment we realize how truly sacred we are.

A Life Truly Touched by Love is one where you Nurture yourself with the Vibration of Enlightenment and Nourish yourself with Transformative Spirituality.

True Freedom is the Ability to be Yourself in the face of criticism, opposition and ignorance.

When you go to bed tonight be sure to Leave the Love on so all can See your Beauty and you can find your way Home.

Illuminate the Heart and the Soul Awakens. Illuminate the Soul and the Angels Rejoice. Illuminate the Spirit and the Gates of Heaven Open. You are a Being of Light. Share that Light and Miracles Happen.

A Radiant Love is a Joy to Behold for in its Purity there is Light and Truth.

There is a Blueprint for Heaven etched on my Soul. My Heaven is a place where there is Time set aside for Joy and Laughter. My Heaven is a Powerfully Inspiring place where our Intuitive Gifts are Embraced. My Heaven is a Spiritually Satisfying place of Light where all Wholeheartedly enjoy their Life.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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