Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beyond This Reality

At every Moment we have Two Realities watching over us waiting for us to Choose our Destiny knowing full well that they are One in the Same.

Beyond this Reality there is a Place of Joy and Lightness where the Awakened and Enlightened await the Day when you Realize your Higher Purpose.

By Living our Highest Good and Sharing our Greatest Gifts we Teach People to Create Happier and Healthier Lives that they too may Inspire Others.

My Life Story is One of Miracles where Angels touch my Soul with their Beauty and I am Transformed into a Sacred Being of Light.

Your Heart is a Wonderful Guide. Your Spirit is a Great Mentor. Your Mind is a Magnificent Teacher and Your Soul is a Sacred Messenger. Listen to the Voices within and yours will be a Journey to Paradise.

This morning I tripped on a Miracle and fell on a Piece of the Sky only to Realize that the Sacred is everywhere and I am truly Loved.

Take Responsibility for your Thoughts. Take Responsibility for you Actions. Take Responsibility for your Beliefs. Take Responsibility for your Words. Take Responsibility for your Life. Take Responsibility.

Divine are they whose every Breath is One of Love for theirs is a Vision of Wholeness and a Prayer of Selfless Service. Poetic and Compassionate are we whose every Thought is One of Light for ours is a Journey of Kindness and a Song of Inspiration. Life is meant to bring a Smile to the Soul and Blessed are they who Share that Gift.

Let us Vow to make ours a Better World where the Transformation is so Profound as to Ensure that no other Angel will ever again Hang their Head in Shame.

Be a Light for All you meet and your Life will be one of Limitless Possibilities where Change makes yours a Story of Triumph for as we We Transform the Earth Transforms.

Once you Walk through the Fire every Moment becomes a Moment of Reflection. It is important to Feel what you are Thinking for yours is a Multi Dimensional Existence that is always Changing and Growing thereby Creating a Transformative Stream of Love from which you may Impact the World in ways Positive and Profound.

To be Loved is a Mystical Experience which Miraculously Transforms us from Human Beings to Beings of Light.

We are Saints and Mystics in training for the Time when we Ascend to Spiritual Worlds which allow us to use our Positive Energy to Empower, Inspire and Heal.

Dress yourself in Leaves from the Tree of Life as you Grow into the Divine Being you are Destined to Be.

An Awareness of each Breath infuses the Heart with a Tremendous Feeling of Love for it is when We become Aware that our Journey of Ascension truly Begins.

We are Children of the Sun and Moon. Let us Dance in their Light and Celebrate in Joy the reality that we are Celestial Beings of Love.

Mystical and Miraculous is the Transformation that occurs when the Light of our Soul and the Love of our Heart become One.

The Time of Miracles is Here. It is the Realization that its the Little Things which have the Greatest Impact that will be the Catalyst for the Dawn of a new Consciousness. A Smile is a Gift from God that Inspires. A Laugh is a Blessing that Heals. The words I Love You are a Prayer that Transforms and I Believe is the Truth that will set you Free.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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