Friday, March 08, 2013

A Shared Dream of Love

I saw a Faery sleeping and was moved by its Profound Beauty. It is important in Life that we never lose the Imagination of our Youth for the greatest Miracles are just Fantasies waiting for the World to Awaken to the fact that they are Real.

Connect with the Joy of your Spirit and Gift the World with the Beauty of your Love.

Live your Dreams by Helping others Live their Dreams for Life when lived properly is a Shared Dream of Love.

Nature Prays for us. Every Flower is a Prayer. Every Tree is a Blessing. Nature is God and Goddess. Nature is a Temple of Transformation. The Birds are Singing Hymns. Nature Prays for us. Listen closely and you can Hear the Wind whisper the word Amen.

Today I made a Profound Spiritual Discovery. I am Wonderful and I am Worthy. Explore Who You Are. You will be Amazed at what you Discover.

There is a Garden within where Plays a secret God. It is a Heavenly Presence that watches over our Inner Child until we are Awake and Aware that we may Open our self to the Innocence and Purity that was once ours.

be nice. let your true self soar. light the flame of love. share the goodness of your smile. be nice. live the life your soul intended. walk a path of peace. kiss the sky with absolute joy. be nice.

Playful and Profound are those who Enrich their daily Life by making everything they say and do a Unique Expression of Love.

Live your Best Life by making a Heart and Soul connection with all Humanity as doing so Completes the Circle and Fills every Breath with Joy.

Birth a new Reality by Exploring the Dimensions of Existence and the Sacred Space within your Heart. Embrace each Experience with Grace and Gratitude as you Express your Soul Purpose. The Pure Essence of You is such as to Inspire in a way the Benefits Humankind with a Flow of Positive Energy. The Transformation begins when you take your next Breath.

The Mind Awakens once we Realize that we Exist beyond the Physical for it is only then that we See with Clarity and Act with Divinity.

Delight in your Destiny for the Eternal Light of your Soul is Shining Brightly on your True Magnificence.

There is a Sacred Land of Healing and Insight where every Moment is a Life Changing Experience and if you close your eyes and look within you will see the Forests of Joy and Fields of Love that await the Dawn of your Awareness.

A Smile is but a Drop in the Ocean of Self Discovery yet its ripples Blanket the World with Positive Energy and Embrace the Universe with Love.

As a Child I would Float on Air and Speak to the Moon for I had not yet been told of all that doesnt Exist. Today I try to add a new Belief to my Life every day. Not that I may Relive my Childhood but that I may Refresh my Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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