Friday, March 01, 2013

The Earth Is A Sleeping God

The Earth is a Sleeping God which will Awaken the Moment we Change the Nightmare of our Existence from a World of War to a World of Love.

An Awakened Spirit is a Light that spreads Joy as it Illuminates a Path to the Realm of Inspiration and the Mountain of Transformation.

Every Human Being has within them Greatness. Every Human Being has within them Goodness. Open the Door and Set them Free.

The Light of Compassion is a Flower that Blooms in my Heart which I Shine on all those whose Inner Gardens lack Light and Love.

Be Your Purpose. Be Your Passion. Be Your Inspiration. Be Your Creation and make Yourself something Beautiful. Be Who You Are. Be.

A Positive Outlook, A Smile Inspired by Spirit and a Life of Giving and Gratitude are the things that Create Miracles as they are Gifts from the Soul to the Universe.

The Light in my Heart and the Glow of the Moon are Connected for We are Celestial in our Essence and Ethereal in our Soul.

We are all born with an Innate Power to Heal and Empower Others. Claim that Birthright and Share your Inner Calling with the World.

Free are We to Explore those things which let our Spirit Grow and Stimulate our Soul. The Time has come to Embrace our Freedom and Float on Butterfly Wings to Angelic Realms and Ethereal Dimensions.

In Spirit We Flow, In Light We Ascend and In Love We Transform. We are always Evolving and Expanding for that is the Heart of Life.

Awaken to your True Self and Feel the Higher Power. Ignite your Passion and Experience a Deeper Truth. Live your Unique Essence. You are Beautiful.

The Soul begins to Bloom once the Mind Awakens to a place of Divine Intent and Spiritual Imagining.

I Soar above common Reality on Mystical Wings that I may see the True Beauty of Mother Earth and Experience Life in a manner that Inspires the Divine within to Share its Wisdom in a way that Transforms.

Align your Love and Light in a way that Heals as it Guides you along your Chosen Path.

If we look Deeply at Life with Spiritual Eyes we see not only the Truth, We also see the Beauty in this Dimension and Beyond.

Love is a Sacred Truth. It is the Prayer of Hope which Nurtures our Existence. It is the Nourishment which makes our Soul Blossom. Live the Truth.

Pure is the Joy that Radiates from the Heart of those who bring Miracles into our Lives for they are the Sacred Embodiment of All that is Good.

In the Depths of My Soul their is a Land of Ancients where the Seeds of Positive Change are Planted. As I Evolve Spiritually those seeds will become the Flowers in the Garden of my Life. Flowers of Inspiration. Flowers of Kindness and Flowers of Love.

Open the Door to a new Reality and your Life becomes a Continuous Miracle that Floats across the Sky.

Live your Light in a Joyful way that Enhances your Spirit and makes your Soul Happy.

A Better World is Possible. It is Possible because we can be Better People. We can Live Better Lives. We can make Better Choices. If you truly want a Better World the answer is simple: Be Better!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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