Friday, March 28, 2014

Make Choices that are Right for your Soul

more benevolent outcomes are the reward when you embrace the lightness of your being and immerse yourself in the energy of spirit. commit to manifesting a life of divine bliss and you will hear the angels sing as you make choices that are right for your soul.

life lived in a positive manner will guide us along a metaphysical path that is tender and nurturing for when we make love affirming choices we become more vibrant and alive.

opportunity for change is all around us. vibrations and impressions of divine light beckon us to live at play in the universe. open mind, body, spirit and soul as you move into the miraculous. your sacred essence is a beautiful flower which when watered with love will transform your life.

sail with me through oceans of goodness into a world of deeper self reflection where the true self rejoices in the knowledge that it is alive and aware.

i gaze through portals of light and i see the highest good of all. i walk through landscapes of love and i bask in the sunshine of transformation. we are each capable of miracles. let us gather as one in an environment of great joy and change the world for the better.

approach everything with love. look at every experience through the eyes of kindness. raise yourself up to a state of grace. the waters of life are overflowing with extraordinary insights and transformational potential for those with the courage to dive in.

ours is an eternal path of spiritual ascension and the longer we are on the path the more loving and compassionate we become. we are students of light and every life we live we shine a little brighter.

by choosing to make positive life affirming choices we empower others to seek a higher reality. we are a celestial family and every act of kindness and show of compassion leads us one step closer to an eternity of total bliss.

love yourself more. love your true self. love the kindness of your heart. love the temple that is your body. love the sacred library that is your mind. love the strength of your spirit and love the beauty of your soul. love yourself more.

enjoy the experience of life with the understanding that you are a beautiful beacon of light from which love flows. it is the realization of our sacred self that transforms us into masters , messengers, mystics and miracle workers. live your divinity.

allow love to flow. allow the breath of creation to guide you to your greatness. allow your soul to open to an expanded state of being. allow your inner child and eternal self the opportunity to play freely. allow light into your heart. allow love to flow.

we are spiritually minded beings and by expressing our angelic self through kindness we create a life of harmony and balance which raises our vibration and manifests miracles every day.

the clearer your vision the greater the possibility that you will grow into your divinity. it is by having clarity of spirit that we open our lives to the sacred beauty that is our birthright.

in meaningful ways i seek to create karmic interactions whereby i may inspire a positive atmosphere of light as i bring forth waves of kindness that are empowering to all.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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