Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Place Of Spiritual Integrity

appreciation and gratitude awaken the divine and move us toward a place of spiritual integrity where healing intentions inspire all to become more loving. contented is the sigh of those who are truly thankful.

you are a glorious revelation of immense value whose truth and beauty delight the heart and serve the whole.

express your divinity by sharing your light and unique aliveness as you walk in truth and beauty towards the heaven that is your destiny.

acknowledge your breathtaking magnificence and become your passion. a fascinating new reality will be yours the moment you accept and embrace the truth that you are magickal and amazing. love who you are and life becomes a series of sacred experiences where dreams come true and miracles are your reward.

we are guides and angels. we are beings of divine light meant to uplift the world. be who you were born to be by fostering emotional and spiritual wellness as you make life transforming choices and journey to a blissful state of joy and happiness.

open your heart to others and yours will be a more rewarding life in which you blossom into beauty allowing the world to see the miracle of who you are.

paint the heavens with the beauty of your true self for you are a masterpiece to be admired and cherished. by sharing your greatness you breathe life into the soul of all blessed to experience your sacred essence. it is when we realize that we are free to soar that we are carried away by the winds of change to a place of infinite possibilities.

leap into life with the knowledge that spirit will give you inspiration and soul will give you wings to fly.

create good fortune. build bridges to places of beauty and truth. paint the sky with rainbows of love. manifest a world of miracles. you are capable of great things and the moment you believe fully in yourself the gateway to opportunity will open and your whole world will change for the better.

a warm and open heart is a nurturing source of love which embraces the oneness of the universe as it inspires a dance of transformation. open your heart and let the light in.

embrace the beauty within and it will encourage and empower a future of grace and glory where yours is a path of pleasure enhanced by the sacred and guided by the higher self.

journey deep within to that place in your soul where healing life force energy resides for there you will find a reservoir of strength that will guide you down a transformational path of light that will positively change your life.

join me in a compassionate prayer of self awareness and self love for it is when we embrace the beauty of who we are that we open ourself to life in a way that allows the flow of positive energy within to be set free and we begin to make our life a sacred loving sanctuary of happiness and joy.

liberate the child within that it may touch the soul of the ancients and together they will inspire you to awaken to your true self and live the life you were born to live.

yours is a journey of discovery worth the effort for you will discover that you are beautiful, amazing, magnificent, glorious, brilliant, magickal, miraculous and divine.

choose to seek guidance from spirits and transform your life. choose to set your soul in motion and change your world for the better. the choice is yours. choose to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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