Friday, April 20, 2012

Incorporate Love into every Moment

Be the Navigator of your Life. Sail the Seas of Grace, Gratitude and Generosity as you Engage and Enrich the World. Those who have the Courage to lead a Spiritual Life are Radiant as a Summer Flower. Change, Evolve and show your Courage by Shifting your Perception and Awakening the Kindness within. Have a Loving Relationship with Yourself and You open your Life to new Opportunities, Experiences and Possibilities. Be the Navigator of your Life and set your Compass for Utopia.

Love and Respect Yourself. The Victorious and Courageous are those who Accept, Acknowledge and Appreciate the Beauty of their Existence. The more you Love Who You are the more the Universe will Bless You.

Life is meant to be Playfully Experienced. Live, Laugh, Love and Celebrate.

Incorporate Love into every Moment of your Life and yours will be a Life worth Living. A Life Blessed and Beautiful. A Life where the Bliss of your Being impacts the Universe in a Positive Way.

A Time of Miraculous Change is upon us. There is Joy in the Journey for the Sun is in our Hearts Illuminating our Path. Explore, Enjoy and Share your Unique Gifts for as the World Transforms so do We.

Leave a Unique Imprint on the Souls of those you meet. Make Deeper Spiritual Connections and Journey to Landscapes of Inspiration and Imagination. Walk to the Edge of the World and Touch the Heart of the Elders. Life is an Adventure of Holiness and Happiness. Sacred are they who Smile when they Love.

Walk with me through Forests of Joy where we will Dance with Leaves in our Hair and Love in our Heart.

Craft your Future with a Positive Message and Transformational Teachings. Know that a Fresh Perspective and a Sense of the Sacred will Release the Joy within. Those who are Truly Inspiring are those who Serve the Greater Good. Craft your Future with Kindness and Compassion. You are the Past, Present and Future.

Live Life in the Flow of Spiritual and Cultural Evolution. Heal, Grow and Transform by using your Creative Energies to Experience more Joy and Freedom. Life is at its Best when we Live our Greatest Self.

It is when we Live with a Sense of Wonder and Hope that we Grow and Evolve. The Dignity of Human Life makes us True Spiritual Warriors on a Quest for Greater Purpose and Profound Change. Embrace Life Fully by Immersing yourself in Nurturing Activities and Soul Changing Lessons of Love. Magick happens to those who Live their Love and Love their Life.

Angel of the Morning Inspire me with your Loving Touch. Angel of the Evening move me with your Heartfelt Guidance. Angel of my Soul embrace me that I may know True Joy. Angel I Love You.

Welcome what is Already here for that which you Believe is Beyond your Reach is Within. The Presence of Love is everywhere. Listen to the Voice of your Soul and Connect with your Beauty. Welcome Home.

Let your Soul Dance. Life is meant to be a Celebration. A Joyful Journey of Treasured Relationships and Lessons in Love. Let your Spirit Sing. Life is meant to be an Ethereal Experience. A Profoundly Enriching voyage of Boundless Love. Let your Heart Smile for when we Dance our Soul and Sing our Spirit we are truly Home.

Love Dwells in all Beings radiating Divine Grace and bringing people Together in Celebration of Life. May all Beings be Happy and May all Beings embrace the Love within.

Blessed Child of Light I Love You. You Lift me to the Heavens that I may see the Sacred in all things. You Nurture my Soul and Inspire me to Awaken to who I really am. You touch all our Lives letting us know that We Are One. You are the Stranger i see on the Street and the Angel i see in the mirror. Blessed Child of Light I Love You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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helen willoughby said...

Thank-you for such loving reminders..:)