Friday, April 27, 2012

Arise to a World of Change

Live your Ideas. Thoughts are Realities waiting for a place they can call Home. Think Positive and Create a Reality so Positive as to Inspire the Sun to Shine a little Brighter.

I wish for Light and Peace on Earth. I wish that all Immerse themselves in that which makes the Heart Happy. I wish for all to Awaken to the Reality that we are Connected by Spirit. I wish more people would Believe in Magick and Miracles. I wish for a Land of Joy where none go hungry. I wish for Life to be a Garden of the Heart where Love is a Way of Life. It is only with the Help, Guidance, Friendship and Support of others that We can make those Wishes come True. I Wish........

Our Heartbeat begins to Glow when we Accept and Embrace our Spiritual Essence.

You are a Beautiful Gift to the World. The Spirits Dance with Joy whenever you Smile. Love Yourself with all your Heart and Life will Flow in ways Passionate, Profound, Magickal and Miraculous.

Live more Compassionately. Love more Spiritually. Through Kindness and Caring we Evolve as Beings of Light. Live and Love with Joy in your Heart.

The Tools for Positive Change are: Internal Aliveness, Karmic Connections, Infinite Gratitude, True Inspiration, Greater Self Awareness, Inherent Wholeness, Earth Healing Spirit, Collective Consciousness, Sacred Wisdom, Social Awareness, Evolutionary Values, Visionary Mysticism, Soul Progression, A Divine Voice and Infinite Fields of Love.

We are capable of Becoming that which Lights the World. We are capable of becoming Beacons of Love. We are Transformative, We are Transcendent, We are Beautiful and We are Capable.

A Perfect Miracle is one in which All are Loved. A Miracle that Ensures that not one Soul goes hungry. A Miracle where Peace and Freedom are Universal. A Miracle where we Widen and Deepen our understanding of Spirit. A Miracle where everyone has a Place they can call Home. Where is that Perfect Miracle and Who will help me find it?

I am Washed by the Waters of Love and Transformed for the Better.

Seek New Landscapes of Spiritual Exploration. Embrace the Higher Self and Rejoice in the Brilliance of Who You Are. A World of Shared Good is a World in Contact with the Divine. Seek not Hindsight but Kindsight. See with Soulful Eyes the Kindness in others and in return they will See the Kindness in you. Explore, Expand and Experience a World of Kinship where the Collective Vision is one of Kindsight.

The Soul is a Sacred Garden where Seeds of Joy and Love Blossom into Being. To have a Happy Life we need only spend more time in the Garden.

Our Soul Mission on Earth is to be Kind to each other. Our Collective Cosmic Destiny is to Live Together in Peace and Freedom. Our Spiritual Purpose is to Gift the World with our Love. Open yourself to the Sacred and Celebrate the Beauty of Being and the Miracle of Living.

My Inner Child has a Puppy and at night they cuddle up inside and help me fall Asleep.

Every Word I send out into the Universe is meant to be Shared. My Words are a Blanket of Love and every Soul is my Inspiration.

When one Heart speaks to another the Universe Rejoices for the Language of Love is the Greatest Gift of Life. Speak with your Heart, See with your Soul and Walk in Spirit. Illuminate your Life with Joy and Goodness. From my Heart to yours I say I Love You.

Child of the Earth experience the Awakening of Aliveness and Ascension. Arise to a World of Change where Expanded Consciousness and Empathic Development are Pure and Natural. The New Way is a Joyful Way and all who Embrace it on a Deep Soul Level will Transform and Transcend. Child of the Earth Welcome Home.

Life is to be Explored and Enjoyed. Let your Spirit soar and your Creativity Sing as you Discover a Love for Beauty and a Passion for the Sacred.

Love is a Gift you Share with Joy and Abandon. It is a Treasure beyond your wildest Dreams to be Cherished. Rejoice in the Beauty of Love for it is the Light of your Soul and Passion of your Heart. It is Healing and Transformative. It is Evolutionary and Enlightening. It is Liberating and Inspiring. Love is the Tree of Life which you Climb one Branch at a Time for every Branch contains something and someone else to Love. I give to you the Gift of Love that you may Share it with the World.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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