Friday, December 06, 2013

Consciously Create What You Desire

consciously create what you desire. create a life immersed in pure spirit. create a better future of deep gratitude where you surround yourself with beauty. create a journey of light that ignites passion and purpose. create a bliss inducing mission to help humanity. consciously create what you desire.

ancestral guides and angelic overseers lead me to a place of peace where lifelong dreams become infinite realities that i may in my turn lead others to live their dreams and love their life.

choose to believe that within you is a transforming energy that can make yours a happier and healthier life. choose to believe that by exploring higher realms you open the door to infinite possibilities. choose to believe that yours is a life of meaning and significance. choose to believe in your greatness and the miracle of your existence. choose to believe!

unfolding before us is a feeling of love. it is an all encompassing energy that blankets the soul. it is a gift from higher dimensions meant to uplift and inspire. we need only accept its beauty and embrace its truth for ours to become a life of sacred experiences where balance, harmony and bliss are the blessings that make each moment heaven on earth.

we reach new heights of joy when we walk a path of heart that opens our spirit to peace and our soul to miracles.

within each heart is a place of divine love and by opening your heart and sharing that love you have a positive impact on others that is transformational and truly wonderful.

a happy and meaningful life is the reward for those who accept their true self for by embracing the beauty of who we are we transmit healing energy and manifest infinite and profound spiritual guidance and inspiration. it is the belief that we create and control the joy in our lives that moves us forward to a place of positive change. your life has more meaning when you acknowledge the meaning of your life is love.

you deserve to be loved. connect more deeply with others. share your beauty and truth. activate more happiness. you deserve to be loved. awaken the joy within. nurture your sacred self. know that you are worthy. you deserve to be loved. believe in your greatness. embrace your magnificence. accept that you are a blessing and a gift. you deserve to be loved. i love you.

from within your heart is a reservoir of positive energy that illuminates your highest and greatest good. open your heart and release its content for you are an angel of enlightenment born to bring bliss to the world.

when we nourish the light within we create a spiritual environment overflowing with positive thoughts, ideas and actions in which we honour one another and experience each and every moment of our lives in a loving way.

yours is a unique spiritual path of greater soul insight and deeper awareness. look at the beauty within and let the purest light of its love guide you to experience life in ways that serve the betterment of all humankind.

walk a sacred path of spirit and feel the love and warmth of truth and beauty flow into your life for it is when we embrace our divinity that hearts and heavens open.

positive changes and a divine consciousness ignite the spark within which moves the spirit to a place of freedom, the soul to a place of peace and the heart to a place of love.

in quiet reflection i embark on a path to transforming with wholeness of mind and spirit as my goal. in spontaneous inspiration i am empowered and exhilarated by the experience of profound healing i receive from every smile and warm embrace. in esoteric philosophy i have come to believe that more joyful feelings are mine to create. in quiet reflection i embark on a path to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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