Friday, May 11, 2012

Doorways to Greater Awareness

I opened the Window to my Soul and saw my True Beauty. I now leave the Window Open that I may Breathe in Awareness. I opened the Door to my Spirit and saw my Authentic Self. I now leave the Door Open that i may let in more Light. I opened the Gateway to my Heart and saw You. I am Blessed.

The Flower of Life Blooms with the Power of Possibility. Today it is Possible to Heal with Guidance and Love. Today it is Possible to Live the Life you Want. At this Moment it is Possible Harvest your Dreams and Shout your Joy to the Heavens. This is the Time to take your Blossoming Spiritual Self and make your Possibilities Realities.

Life is a Divine Offering. Let us gather at Dusk and again at Dawn to Pray in Thanks for the Beauty that is Life.

Woven into our Lives is Awareness, Insight and Inspiration. Deepen your Love for Life by making your Journey a Soul Exploration. A Voyage of Grace and Beauty to an Empowered and Balanced Life. Smile with the Knowledge that from Dream to Reality life is an Open Book and You are the Author. Write something Beautiful.

Awaken and Empower You. Arise and Liberate your Natural Joy. Life is a Creation and You are a Creator. Create Positive Change and Eternal Love. Awake and Arise for the Future is now and You are Beautiful.

There is a Sacred Place in the Heart. A Supportive and Nurturing Place of Spiritual Enhancement where the Soul whispers Words of Wisdom. Live always in that Place and you will Transform and Ascend.

We are all Born with Beautiful Energy and Bountiful Gifts. Life is a vast Universe of Changes and Choices. A Soul Journey of Karmic Connections and Deep Spiritual Transformation. A Glowing Symphony of Contemplation and Meditation. We are all Born with Sacred Joy and Guidance from the Angelic Realm. Claim your Birthright.

Make a Difference in the Lives of those around You by Sharing the Vibration of your Spirit and Sacredness of your Soul.

When we are Thoughtful in Vision we Float on a Cloud of Knowing and move Forward on our Path. Be Aware in the Moment and the Magic Carpet of Life will lead you to the Ultimate Oasis and Union with the Divine.

Love is the Medicine of Miracles. A Smile, A Hug and A Kiss can Gently and Compassionately Heal the World.

Paint the Light within with the Bliss of Love. Sail the Ocean of your Soul with a Sense of Freedom and you will find Peace and Comfort at every Destination. Climb the Mountain of Spiritual Awakening and Rejoice. You are Alive!

Leave a Karmic Imprint of Insight and Inspiration. Use the Blueprint of your Soul to Create an Extraordinary Life that Serves as a Gift to Humanity. Make your Relationship with Sacred Mother Earth one of Blissful Absorption and Spiritual Immersion. Live in Lightness and Open your Heart as Wide as the Sky that all may See your True Beauty. The Secret of a Happy Life is to Share, Give, Bless and Live Love.

Meditation infuses your Life with spirit and Inspires your Soul to Smile.

Those who have the Courage to be Free connect to the Spirit World and open Doorways to Greater Awareness.

You have been Blessed. Blessed by Divine Energy. Blessed by Integrity and Truth. Blessed by Kindness and Compassion. Blessed by the Joy of Being. Blessed by Spiritual Enrichment. Blessed by Wisdom and Wonder. Blessed by the God and Goddess within. Blessed by a Community of Loving Support. Blessed by Light and Blessed by Love. You have been Blessed.

We are all Born with a Purpose. A Purpose to Live with Joy and Passion. A Purpose to Achieve Great Things. A Purpose to Create Positive Change and a Purpose to Love. Live Your Purpose.

I Live with Channeled Guidance. I Harvest Wisdom from the Soul and Embrace the Mystical side of Life. I Listen to my Angels and Communicate with my Ancestors. I See my Path Clearly and Live Cheerfully. I Awaken the Imagination and leave Unique Spiritual Fingerprints wherever i go. I have found my Freedom in the Philosophy of Kindness. I am Light. I am Love and I am The Ancient One.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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