Friday, May 18, 2012

Walk with Me along the Ocean of Love

Walk with me along the Ocean of Love and We will Bless the Source of Life. Let us Explore with Imagination the Freedom of Truth. We are Woven of Wisdom and Divine Light. We are Enchanted and Evolved. We are Divine and Sacred. Fly with Me above the Heavens and We will Decorate our Souls with Waves of Bliss and Spirit. Let us Journey Deeply into Ethereal Realms and Let us Channel the Sacred Energy of the Universe. Walk with Me.

Love penetrates the Soul in ways that Uplift and Transform. Love promotes Harmony, Hope and Joy. Love is Who We Are. Love is All We Are. Be Love!

May your Path be Threads in a Tapestry Woven by Angels. May it Guide you to the Beauty of Truth. May it Enrich, Empower and Enlighten You and May Universal Peace and Love be the Sunshine that warms your Soul.

Live a Life that is Nourishing to the Spirit and you will Assist Humanity by Creating Positive Change and a Vision touched by Inspiration.

Help Create a Future that Benefits All. Help Create a Worldwide Community of Heartfelt Gratitude that Liberates the Divine Within. Help Create a Spiritual Reality of Alchemical Knowledge, Insightful Clarity and Positive Thinking that Enlightens the Soul. Help Create Inner Peace and Outer Bliss. Help Create a Life that Inspires and Enriches.

Live Life Authentically by Seeing with your Heart and Embracing Higher Spiritual Truths.

I See a Future that is Nourished by the Divine. I See a Future Empowered by the Light within. I See a Future of Enhanced Wellbeing and Service to Humanity. I See a Future of Love most Sacred. I See a Future and I See You. You are the Future.

A Spiritually Sustainable Life is possible when we Embrace the Power of the Moment and Channel our Higher Self.

We all have within us Self Healing Abilities. The Possibilities are endless when Access those Abilities. Embark on a Magickal Adventure to your True Self and you will Experience Extraordinary Changes and Divine Love. Heal yourself by Assisting people on their Journey. Heal yourself by Filling your Heart with Love. Heal yourself by Seeing the Beauty of Who You Are. We all have within us Self Healing Abilities. Heal Yourself!

A Reverence for Life brings with it True Spiritual Joy. Journey with me to other Dimensions where we will Create Rainbows and Liberate Souls.

I have a Wondrous Vision where Spirits Dance on the Shores of a Land called Love.

Let us Climb the Sacred Tree of Life as the Whispering Winds share a Message of Hope for a Better World and a Brighter Tomorrow.

The Gateway to Enlightenment is a place within your Soul where Happiness and Freedom reside. The Door to Timeless Wisdom can be found by Seeking Sacred Moments and Cultivating Self Awareness. We are the Answers which we Seek. We are the Visionaries. We are the Mystics. We are the Messengers and We are the Soothsayers. Be the Essence that Glows by Embracing the Presence of Joy within and allowing your Dreams to Fly. A New Dawn is here and the Sunshine of our Spirit is the Beacon that will Illuminate the World and Transform the Universe.

Dreams come Alive when the Soul and Spirit are in Harmony with Earth and Sky.

Open the Mountains of your Spirit to greater Possibilities. Open the Rivers of your Soul to the Blessings of the Earth. Open the Gardens of your Heart to the Flowering within you. To be Open is to Awaken the Healing Light that you may Truly Know Love.

Heaven is a place where Children play and every Child is the Face of God.

Know and Love the World. Know and Love all Living Beings. Know and Love Yourself. Know and Love.

Through Self Exploration and Evolution we can Manifest Profound Happiness. We can Uplift and Purify the World around us. We can Travel to Etheric Realms where the Mountains and the Rivers are extensions of our Spirit and Soul. We can Create a Reality built on Miracles. We can Fly through the Stars with Feelings of Peace in our Heart and We can stare Life in the Face and say I Love You.

( by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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