Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Wisdom From Buffalo Bear

The Earth is Changing

We must prepare for the coming storm.

We must care enough to save our Sacred Mother
Earth. Its time to be responsible for our own actions
and to teach the little ones to respect and honor
our planet.

Forgiveness , Tolerance , Understanding ,
Compassion , Love , Love , Love - these are all
crucial to our survival.

Our Collective Consciousness can raise Vibrations
of Love which will begin the healing process.

Recycle and stop polluting , those who do not
change will find the coming changes much more
difficult to deal with.

You have the Power to make a Difference. Never
hate anyone ar anything. Respect and honor our
Animal friends for what happens to them affects us

Pray for Sacred Mother Earth o be saved. Visualize a
world where no one goes hungry and we all live in
Peace and Harmony.

If we start to change one soul at a time then little
by little we will begin to heal and transcend to a
higher state of consciousness.

Visualize a world where we can all breathe easily
and even the tiniest plant is treated with honor and

We are entering a time of enlightenment and
increased spiritual activity.

Think not just of yourself but what will best serve
the higher goodness of the whole.

These are the words of Buffalo Bear Walks With
Wolves. She is a Lakota Medicine Woman who has
dedicated her life to helping others. Hers is a
wisdom which is timeless , a knowledge which
transcends and transforms. Listen to your heart
when you read her words and you too will begin a
transformation that will help heal our planet.

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