Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buffalo Bear Walks with Wolves


Last year i was honored to receive an email from a
Lakota Medicine Woman called Buffalo Bear Walks
With Wolves. She has become a mentor and friend
and her words have enlightened and enriched my life.

She has an ancient body of knowledge which she
has chosen to share with me. Hers is an exciting
vision of a happier world. Her wisdom has helped
me on my way to achieving a higher sense of self.
Her wide ranging knowledge has awakened in me
strengths that were dormant. She is a visionary with
a deeply spiritual way of life. Hers is an authentic
education that is leading me on a journey of

Buffalo Bear has given me lessens to heal the heart
and deepen my spiritual roots. She has fed my
spiritual hunger with words uplifting and

I have had many influences in my life and will have
many more. Each person you meet can offer insight
and wisdom. Buffalo Bear has taught me much . I
would like to share some of her wisdom with you.
Please read the following and accept it with the
honor and respect it deserves.

Work for the good of everyone.

Walk on sacred Mother Earth softly
and with total beauty.

Time is precious.

People are Spirit Beings having Human
experiences not Humans having
spiritual experiences.

Be responsible for your thoughts , for
thoughts have power too.

Learn about respect not only for you
but for every living thing.

Everything happens for a higher purpose

Think before giving advice.

Appreciate who you really are.

Never judge another soul.

Make the right choices for the right

Open yourself to happiness and

Learn about true forgiveness and
unconditional love.

Make your earth walk a meaningful one.

What you do affects all.

You have the power to re-create what
you wish to change.

We all must pitch in to save sacred
mother earth.

Give up substances that contribute to
self abuse.

We must stop being selfish as all
around us suffer from negative choices.

You are responsible for yourself and
your happiness.

As you think , so shall it be.

You have the power to create what you
wish to experience.

These are just a sampling of the teachings of
Buffalo Bear. Her wisdom , insight and love of
sacred Mother Earth is heartwarming and inspiring.
Her and her husband Crowhawk are beautiful beings
of light and spirit.

Ever person that we cross paths with can teach us
not only about them but aboutourselves as well.
People are knowledge and knowledge is

I thank Buffalo Bear Walks With Wolves for her
incredible spirit , love and wisdom. I also thank her
for the gift of my name The Ancient One With Heart
Of Buffalo Journeys With Spirit Of White Wolf.

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