Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Way of Being

( Thoughts on Life by Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )

Greet this day as a Feast of Love and Awareness. Celebrate your Aliveness and Shine your brightest Light. The Happiness you Deserve is but a Smile away. The Health of Humankind begins with a Hug and a Kind Word. Greet this day with Positive Wellness. Use your Sacred Imagination and Create a New Paradigm. A Paradigm of Loving Guidance and Inspiration. Good Morning Sunshine.

Welcome Beautiful Soul. Welcome to my Garden of Love. I am on a Heart Centered Journey to bring Light to the shadows. I am here to Share the Magick i have found and nourish your Spirit with Inspiration and Revelation. I am a Vessel of Peace who is on a Divinely Guided Path of Selfless Generosity. I Embrace the right to be Alive by Living and Loving in a way both Profound and Positive. Welcome Beautiful Soul. I Love You!

Free your Soul and your Life will Change forever. You will become a more advanced Human Being and a Living Manifestation of Love. Life is a Miraculous and Loving Journey and your Divine Blueprint is one of Enchantment and Imagination. By speaking a Language of Light you begin a Conversation with the Universe that enables you to Experience the Sacred. Free your Soul.

I Recognize that you are Truly Divine. I Feel the Healing Energy of your Thoughts. I connect with your Light. You are a Magnificent Individual. You are a Visionary Messenger. You are an Inspired Creation of the Universe. I Embrace the Heart of your Destiny. I AckNowledge your Heavenly and Earthly Treasures. I Awaken to your Sacred and Prophetic Essence. I Love You! Do you Recognize me?

Bathe in Awareness and Cleanse your Soul that you may Embrace the Life you were meant to Live. Radiate Grace and Enrich the World with the Beauty of your Heart. The Colours of your Spirit are a Rainbow of Joy and Divine Essence. Live your Dreams and Dream a Life of Purpose and Vision. We are Blessed with Choice. Choose a New Way of Being that Guides you to Love!

A good Breakfast is the best way to start the day: A cup of Divine Wisdom, A bowl of Evolving Spirituality and a Love most Profound, A plate of Passion and Purpose with a side of Soul Based Courage, Honey for the Spirit and Fruit from the Tree of Life. Eat Heartily for Life is a Feast. What is on your Breakfast table on this fine morn?

Create a Life worth Living. Plant your Dreams in Gardens of Profound Inspiration. Connect with your Soul and Honour the Place in which you Dwell. We are on the cusp of new Birth and Creativity. We are approaching a Global Transformation and Awakening. Open your Heart, Soul and Spirit to New Thought, New Consciousness and a New Way of Being. The time is now to Live in Love. I Love You!

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