Saturday, October 08, 2011

Make your Heart Smile

Believe in your Gifts and Listen to the Voice of your Spirit. Live in the Moment and Connect with your Angels. Embrace the sheer Joy of Being you and Immerse yourself in a Lifestyle of Compassion and Awareness. Transform your outlook and wear Happiness like a Flower of extraordinary Beauty. You are a Smile on the Face of the Divine Mother made up of Love. Fall in Love with yourself as I have fallen in Love with You!

I am a Humble Servant of God created with Love. I honour all Living things and seek to do Good in the World. It is my Desire to Accept each moment with an open Mind and Heart. With every Breath the Stars of Heaven unfold and Hope blooms like a Garland of Wildflowers. By serving the Highest in myself I bring a Smile to the Face of every Angel that Guides my Way. I have Awakened to who I truly am and in doing so have seen the Beauty of Who you Truly are.

There is a Light in the Sky which Guides me. There is a Voice in the Wind that Whispers my name and Inspires me to have a Loving Relationship with Sacred Mother Earth. There is a Beating in my Heart that moves me to Dance in Sacred Celebration of Kindness, Joy and Happiness. There is a Truth in my Soul that Cleanses my Spirit and moves me in Life Evolving Ways. There is Life, There is Light and There is Love. I am truly Blessed!

I Give you the Gift of a Smile. I Give you the Gift of a Hug. I Give you the Gift of Freedom to be Who You Are. I Give you the Gift of Revelations and Insight. When we Share our Gifts we bring Heaven Home and the Gods Rejoice. I Give you the Gift of Celestial Wisdom. I Give you the Gift of Miraculous Change and Spiritual Values. I Give you the Gift of Prayer for all Beings and I Give you the Gift of Love. Good Morning I Love You!

Join me and Together we can Create a Community of Love. A Community of Sacred Language and Surreal Beauty where Joy is Free Flowing. A Community of Hope and Compassion where Kindness is commonplace. Join me and Together we can Create a World of Absolute Respect and Graceful Simplicity. A World of Romance and Reason where the Angels walk among us. Join me and Together we can Create a Global Community of Shared Happiness and Humanity. Please Join Me!

There is a Spiritual Metamorphosis taking place. A Pathway to Sacredness, Authenticity and Truth is being forged within each of us. Open yourself to the Oneness of Humanity, Live your Dreams and Dance your Bliss. Create a Landscape of Loving Harmony that Reaches into the Beyond. See your Beauty, See the Magnificence of the Infinite, See the Miracle of Existence and See yourself as Divine. The Belief in God begins with the Belief in the Self. I Believe in Me and I Believe in You!

Taste the Fruits of Love and Nourish your Souls needs. Access your Spiritual core and take your Life to new Heights. You are a True Blessing and by Sharing your Beauty and Wisdom you will make your Heart Smile. Angels of White Light are waiting to Guide you to a place of Peace and Inspiration. Open yourself to their Wisdom and you will Grow and Blossom. You are Divine, You are Sacred and I Love You.

You have the Passion and Power to make a Difference. Within you is a Hope for a Brighter tomorrow and a Desire to make that Dream a Reality. The Great Spirit is calling each and every one of us to Embrace the Sacredness of Life. Give your Spirit, Give your Soul and Give your Love to Humanity and you Create a Heavenly Atmosphere of Joy and Jubilation. Open your Heart and Smile because today is the day we Change the World.

( Words bt Micheal Teal aka The Ancient One )

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