Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love the Sacred Human

I Love You. That is my Contribution to the World. My words are my Love. I give them Freely in the Hope that they will touch your Soul. I Love You. That is my Song of Glory. My Spirit Rejoices when i am able to Share my Gifts with fellow Travelers. I Love You. That is the Story of my Life. Every Chapter in the book of who i am is Inspired by Beauty and Truth. I Love You. That is the Source of my Bliss. We are a Universal Tribe of People and all we need to do to survive is to open our Hearts and say I Love You!

This morning Awaken to your Spiritual Heart. Give the Earth a Loving Smile and Bathe in Gentleness. See the Miracles happening around you and be Grateful for your Blessings. We all Share a common bond and that bond is Love. By seeing the World through Loving eyes we open a portal to Heaven and beyond. Your Divine purpose on this Beautiful morning is to simply be Yourself for you are Magnificent.

You are the Heartbeat of God. You are the Face of Hope. You are an Angel in training and Life is your classroom. Create a Sacred Circle of Love and let the Beauty of its truth Blossom into Reality. You are an Instrument for Good. You are a Golden Thread of Kindness and Generosity. You are the Breath of Heaven. The story of your Life which is written in the Stars is a Fairy Tale of Love and Light. You are a Miracle and I Love You.

Beauty and Truth have called me to a place where Divinity manifests. We all have a calling and when we answer that call we Create a Mystical Union that Transforms. The Heavens open and the Angels sing Songs of Grace and Glory when we Listen to the Voice of Good. Dance the Ballet of Life with a Smile on your Face and Love in your Heart. Beauty and Truth have called me and i have answered by Making today a Perfect day. What is your answer?

A Drop of Love in the Ocean of Life creates ripples that reach to the Sky and Beyond. Love is Life's greatest Gift and it is meant to be Shared. There is no better time than this very Moment to tell somebody you Love them. Show your Love through Kindness and Compassion. With Greater Love comes Greater Awareness. The day you find yourself at Heavens doorway you will be greeted with a Smile for a Smile is the Souls way of saying I Love You.

Sing with Joy and Awaken to a morning filled with Possibilities. Make this day a Song of Celebration. The Flower of Life blossoms when we make Healthier Choices. Choose to Enjoy your Life more, Choose to find Peace inside and Choose be an Instrument of Love. You are a Bright Star in this Universe and when you Love your Life more you will Contribute Positively to the Betterment of this World and Humankind. This is your day - SING!

Love Life to its fullest. Love the Sacred Human in all its forms. Love the Divine presence within. Love that our Footsteps join together as do our Dreams. Love the Journey into Oneness. Love the Light of Awareness. Love the Whispered voices of the Angels. Love the Fire of your Intention. Love the Holiness in all things. Love the Seasons of Transformation. Love the Path you are on and Love yourself. Love, Love, Love,Love........

I am every person i have ever met. I am the man that gave me a bed when i had no place to sleep, I am the woman who bought me a meal when i had no food to eat, I am the woman who listened to my confessions and told me it would be okay, I am the woman who spent the night in a restaurant with me and bought me fries cause i had nowhere to go, I am the woman who sleeps next to me and the child who sees me as dad and I am the voice from above that called my name on the day i had chosen to die. I am You, I am Everyone, I am The Ancient One.

( Words by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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