Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Positive Contribution To The World

a positive contribution to the world will create a profound cognitive and spiritual transformation which will give the soul power and lead to a deliberate life of sacred beauty and loving intent.

care for others and you experience expanded awareness. open all your senses to enlightened living and you create a lasting inner peace. participate positively in your everyday life and you give the soul power as your wishes are fulfilled and you discover the contentment you seek. the way you see yourself and the way you share yourself with the world determine the direction your journey will take.

your life can be a mythic story of compassionate living when you explore the world of spirit and allow the sparks of divinity to light a path of love to a place of angelic transmissions and richly profound experiences.

if you are reading this i ask only that you see me through spiritual eyes. i ask only that you respect my integrity and intent. i ask only that you show me the same love and light that i show you. i have seen to many people turn cold and bitter. i have seen too many lose themselves in pettiness and jealousy. i have seen too many turn their backs and raise their fists. if you are reading this i ask only that you know i love you and that you love me back.

blessed, brilliant and bold are the beautiful souls who awaken higher awareness by seeing every moment as an opportunity to learn and every breath a reason to love.

listen more deeply to the voice of your soul and wake up refreshed to a storied life of greater joy and fulfillment for it is when we embrace the love and healing power that radiates within and understand our true self that the heart opens and the spirit soars.

touch other human beings with life giving blessings that attach at the heart and reach out to the soul. align with the natural goodness inside of you and immerse yourself in the experience of beauty. radiate thoughts and move forward into a new reality of love and light. you are a profound and inspiring visionary being. live your truth and love your life.

we have the power to heal and transform. we have the power to elevate the spirit. we have the power to touch hearts in ways profound. we are powerful. this is who we are.

dream yourself awake and connect more deeply with others as you journey along a path of passion and poetry. Dream yourself alive and cultivate sympathetic joy as you voyage to a place of peace and purpose. to live is to dream.

live a life of authenticity and respect for when we embrace out true self spiritual healing occurs and ours becomes a voyage of the heart where love is the destination.

dance with life and make every moment a consciousness expanding experience. when we live with enthusiasm and playfulness we create something quite special.

ours is a world filled with light beings. you are a light being. i am a light being. it is through awakening and awareness that we will see the light and embrace the soul of humanity.

create the life you truly desire by expanding your consciousness and committing to a belief in yourself. a more fulfilling life comes to those who see the joy in unity and connect with others in ways positive that inspire. beauty and bliss are the rewards for those who immerse themselves in transformation. smile with the knowledge that a journey of ascension is yours to create.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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