Saturday, January 18, 2014

Be Who You Are

i choose to live an empowered life of inspiring ideas which makes mine an extraordinary metaphysical voyage into the true nature of the self and beyond.

there is a great joy to being different. there is great pleasure in not only thinking outside the box but recycling the box and making a hat out of it. there is extraordinary happiness not in pushing the envelope but in being the envelope and pushing back. my elevator doesnt go to the top because tents dont have elevators. my deck isnt missing a card because it only has one card and thats the fool. i am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but its okay because i love to spoon. i could go on forever but forever has other plans. be who you are. you are beautiful.

today i give thanks that i am alive. today i am grateful for all of my blessings. today i am awake and aware. today i see the truth and feel the love. this is who i am today.

light the fire of inspiration and embrace a new way of thinking. know and believe in yourself as you embark on a self healing journey of uplifting life experiences. choose to change and change for the better. you are worthy. you are wonderful.

loving relationships help us make better life choices for a loving relationship is an inspiring story that changes how we feel about ourself in a way that enriches and enlightens.

life when seen through eyes of love is filled with transformative gifts and blessings that change lives and make the world a better place for all.

my three year old told me yesterday that he wanted an imaginary friend. he has to be invisible. i remember the old howie mandel line: when i was a kid i had imaginary friends, they were real kids, i just imagined they were my friends. my son will have real friends and imaginary ones because i think he can learn from both. so i will walk with him through landscapes of imagination where we will find treasures of spirit and together we will live a fairy tale of joy and happiness. i must bid adieu now as i have to feed his unicorn.

within thoughts and beliefs that are positive and inspiring you will find the life you truly desire. infuse your mind, body and spirit with things that are healthy, holistic and spiritual. what you feed your soul determines whether you are sitting at the table of the sacred. nourish yourself with truth, beauty, light and lovingkindness. think yourself holy and believe yourself happy.

look closely and you will see the beauty of ordinary people. look with clarity from the heart and you will see the magnificence of their being. look with knowing from the soul and you will see the glory of their greatness. when we look at the world through eyes of spirit we inspire others to open to awareness and awaken to a new vision where they see the beauty in everything.

in blessings and prayers i give to you my light. in thoughts and actions i give to you my love. in love and light i give to you my very soul for you are worthy and you are wonderful.

a positive awareness brings miracles into your life for when we are truly aware we experience the divine and life becomes a cause for celebration.

to achieve the extraordinary one must simply love who they are for when we love ourself the sky opens, the spirit soars, the heart sings and the soul dances.

believe that you will find greater freedom and greater freedom will find you. believe that you are a divine tapestry woven of love and love will find you. believe that only good will come and good will find you. believe in yourself and you will find that others believe in you. believe my friend. believe.

we are spiritual seekers. the heart of the universe beats within us. we are born of love and it is our destiny to do extraordinary things. with every breath of our soul we cultivate compassion and inspire kindness. we are messengers of hope. the spirit of heaven flows through us creating waves of light. we are beautiful. we are wonderful. we are one.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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