Friday, January 31, 2014

In Joy I Walk with Angels

believe you are on the right path and life becomes a series of enlightening and enlivening experiences overflowing with joy and compassionate energy in which like minded hearts and love minded souls gather as one in celebration of the glory and beauty of this world and beyond.

let us live for the greater good. let us gather as one and create a community of spirit that embraces the greater good. let us love for the greater good. life is at its most blissful and beautiful when people give themselves over to the greater good.

beautiful and strong are they who raise their vibrations by lifting the spirits of others for they are messengers of joy whose mission is to share their love with all humanity.

when we express ourself through spirit we experience bliss for within the heart of spirit is a powerfully transformative energy that when accessed guides us to fields of infinite potential where flowers of peace and love grow.

talk to your soul and enjoy the benefits of its wisdom. talk to your spirit and let its guiding light flow throughout your mind and body. talk to yourself and embrace the loving thoughts which make you a divine blessing. talk, listen, live and love.

live in beauty and the path before you will lead to healing and transformation. truth has beauty, joy has beauty, hope has beauty, kindness has beauty, compassion has beauty, faith has beauty and love has beauty. live in beauty.

by using your unique essence and authentic purpose to connect and communicate with love minded souls you bring about miracles. to love purely with sacred intent is to understand the universe and learn through joy. share the beauty of your true self and the gift of freedom will be yours.

mine is a passion and purpose to live in a pure and organic way that i may impact my world with a life of profound healing and blissful relaxation.

to find spiritual meaning one must simply smile for within joy their is wisdom. let us journey together to a place of discovery where every smile is a blessing.

live for the good of all. love for the good of all. we are all one and when we live and love for the good of others we live and love for the good of ourselves.

personal discovery affects positive change and creates joyful realization for the more we know and love ourself the better our life will be.

when we allow our true radiance and sacred wisdom to venture freely into this reality and beyond we experience insight and growth which guide us to a place of loving energy and spiritual connections that will transform our lives.

live what you love. live what makes your soul sing. live what makes you whole. live what makes your spirit soar. live what makes you happy. live....

explore your higher purpose with passionate dedication. live the light within and create a rejuvenating atmosphere of positive energy where awareness is heightened and love flows freely. life is a joyous adventure and by committing to a new way of being you make miracles with every breath.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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