Friday, January 24, 2014

Live Boldly With Integrity

live boldly with integrity and you empower and nurture your sacred essence. live bravely with positive intention and you inspire and nourish your divine self. how we choose to live dictates how our lives will unfold.

uplifted and enthusiastic are they whose determination to help others in a conduit of wellness and light that empowers and inspires. they are the sacred souls who in silent communication touch us in ways that make the flower of our spirit blossom. live your life in service of others and others will serve you well.

to accomplish something worthwhile you must first believe you are worthy. the moment you believe in your greatness is the moment that everything you do becomes worthwhile. you are worthy of all the joy and happiness life has to offer. believe in yourself. love yourself. you matter. you make a difference.

we have the ability to heal ourself. what the mind believes it manifests. a positive attitude and spiritual outlook can create miracles. a belief in yourself and in the power of thought and action to transform is soul nourishing and spirit nurturing. you have the ability to heal yourself. let the healing begin.

welcome positive change and you create a life you love that is filled with empowering experiences and valuable lessons that resonate with a high vibrational energy which touches mind, body, heart and soul in sacred and healing ways.

when we share the beauty of who we are freely and lovingly we enhance our connection to the self, inspire our connection with others and experience a connection with the divine. giving of ourselves in a positive way not only makes a world of difference it makes the world a better place.

the beauty of being alive is that every moment is an opportunity to live more fully. we can at any time create unity and harmony. it is our birthright to be loved and our destiny to love. we are the beauty of being alive. we are the beauty. we are.

the joy of knowing cultivates mindfulness and inspires us to make a positive contribution to humanity. look deep into your essence and embrace those profound truths that make you the beautiful soul you are.

look deep into your soul and experience your greatness and beauty by shining brighter that others may see the grace, glory and grandeur of your sacred self.

when we make the miraculous discovery that the source of love within us is aglow with extraordinary radiant energy waiting to transform our lives we begin our revelatory journey to the sacred and divine.

loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world. when we love ourself we listen to life in a way that has a transformative impact that inspires us to turn our dreams into realities. to love who you are is life's greatest discovery.

you are deserving and worthy of a sense of connectedness that leads to greater awareness and a portal of understanding where the soul may enter into enlightenment. you are deserving of light. you are worthy of love.

we are each on our own unique path. mine is a path of transformation through prayer. mine is a comforting and inspiring path of deep gratitude. Mine is a path of infinite possibilities and life affirming messages from countless realms and dimensions. may your unique path be a dance of self discovery where you embrace each challenge as an opportunity to love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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