Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Beneficial Life of Elevated Consciousness

you are exquisitely beautiful. yours is an uplifting and beneficial life of elevated consciousness. you are a sensitive and poetic reflection of the sacredness of the universe. your dance of life is a mystical realization of the grace and glory of your greatness. you are a miracle to be cherished. i love you.

we are one with the earth. we exist to inspire. we are one with the universe. we exist to ignite the spirit. we are one with each other. we exist to love. we are one.

live fully in the moment. embrace the eternal now. touch the world with the beauty of your soul. share the light of your being. love fully in the moment.

by fostering more compassion and inspiring more kindness one can unleash the transformative power of the greater life force energy within thereby creating a beautiful flowing river of light and love that embraces and enriches all humanity.

with clarity and authenticity connect mindfully with others for you are a remarkable soul and by connecting with people in a positive loving way you can change the world.

to create an extraordinary life one must embrace the present moment with a belief in their greatness and a desire to live that greatness in a way that benefits all humanity for when we serve we empower. speak your truth, live your dreams, see yourself in a new way, enrich your appreciation for the world around you and yours will be an extraordinary voyage that joyfully embraces the pulse of creation.

whatever you do make it sacred. whatever you think make it positive. whatever you say make it inspiring. whatever you feel make it joyful. life is what we make it.

live your journey. live it in ways sacred and mystical. live it with grace. live it with kindness and compassion. live it with heartfelt sincerity. live it with passion and purpose. live it with joy as your guide. live it with positive intention. live it with inspiration and imagination. love your journey.

if we awaken to our souls purpose we embrace humanity and create possibility as we challenge our perceptions and walk ancient pathways of love and light.

embrace your sacred self in a way that unites spirit and soul. when we are grounded in spirit we live our journey in ways that are fruitful and fulfilling. when we are grounded in soul we walk our path in ways that are transformative and transcendent. love your true self in a way that unites spirit and soul.

taste the goodness of your true self and let the inner sunshine of your soul illuminate the wholeness of life that you may lay your burdens down and walk your sacred path with divine confidence and blissful self esteem.

live beyond your limits and seek soul changing experiences of light. love beyond your reach and seek sacred connections of truth and beauty. we are the creators of our destiny and we are capable of creating a life of love that transcends and transforms.

i experience true joy when i hear the heartbeat of the universe. i experience unimagined bliss when i see the beauty of angels of light. i experience breathtaking bliss when i feel the touch of a kindred soul. life is a series of sacred experiences. let us experience each other in ways profound that embrace heaven and earth.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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