Friday, February 07, 2014

The Realm of Angels

selfless service to others leads us to the realm of angels. it is by giving freely of our heart and soul that we voyage into worlds of spirit where our life is illuminated by profound and powerful experiences that transform. look within to the beauty of your true self and share that beauty with the entire universe.

by following a spiritual path toward greater clarity you awaken the sacred heart and discover the most miraculous things. clarity brings with it an awareness which transforms the soul and inspires a life embraced by love and light.

all you can be is who you are. all i can be is who i am. if we do this together we can be something beautiful. together we can make a difference. together we can change the world. be who you are. be who you are.

on the edge of understanding and at the doorway to other dimensions are deep spiritual experiences waiting for those courageous enough to live each moment fully.

with every act of kindness we grow in spirit. with every warm embrace we blossom as beings of light. with every smile we elevate the soul. we have the ability to do great things with simple gestures. what else is left to say except i love you.

live fearlessly, generate great compassion and seek to create a place of spiritual generosity where miracles happen for at our core this is who we are.

a life of intention in which you savor the little things and take positive action is a life of joyful gifts and extraordinary achie

i honor the fullness of you. i respect and admire your intelligence and compassion. i acknowledge your significant contribution to humanity. i love who you are and who you are becoming. you are beautiful. bless you.

i overheard a conversation between my heart and soul about the path i was on and realized that no matter where i am in life there is within me wisdom, knowledge, caring, compassion and kindness waiting to be set free.

in admiration and gratitude embrace that which is greater than you for when we accept that there is something more and that it is miraculous we become divine messengers of light.

reach beyond your limits and you will find deeper meaning in life. Soar beyond your limitations and you will find yourself immersed in greater understanding. explore other dimensions and realities for within their truth are profound blessings. live your life as an adventure and you will discover treasures of spirit and soul which open the gateway to bliss.

give yourself permission to be happy. immerse yourself in that place between thought and reality where your divine essence journeys joyfully towards greater good. dance with your higher soul self in celebration of your blessings. give yourself permission to love and be loved.

live with clarity and your pure vibrational essence will connect in friendship and create a holistic unity that energizes the soul and lifts the spirit.

at every moment of our existence there is an enlightened sphere of harmonious reality and greater levels of awareness that encompass our sacred self and when we accept and acknowledge this truth we manifest a positively charged life of creativity and passion in which we experience miracles as we venture forth on spirit centered explorations.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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