Friday, February 21, 2014

A Truly Open Heart

a truly open heart connects with other hearts and radiates a peaceful healing energy of radical empathy and sacred love. an open heart is a most precious resource and its strength and beauty can and will change the world.

in the depths of the soul is an extraordinarily powerful positive vision of a love that transforms. look within and see the true beauty beauty of life that you may live your souls vision.

the moment you begin to love yourself the spiritual life force lights the flame of inspiration within and gives you the courage to take risks and the wings to fly.

words of comfort can completely transform a life. a simple act of kindness can change everything. let compassion overflow. let love fly free. positive thought and action can create a blissful state of being. when we live simply, we love greatly and we make the world a better place.

while others took a leap of faith i took a leap of love. it was when i opened myself to love that my world whole changed. it was the greatest gift i have ever given myself and it inspired me to share my heart and soul with others. everything i have is because i said yes to love. i am truly blessed. let others take a leap of faith i will always take a leap of love.

make the right choices and you will find your way to joy. be your higher self and yours will be a journey of transformational blessings and heavenly bliss. life is a continuing miracle and by seeking inspiration and sharing the beauty of what we have learned we enliven and empower ourself and others. make positive choices and you will find your way to the real you.

i have seen the darkness and chosen the healing light of love. my life is a blessing of small gifts and everyday graces. i have changed my world and my world has changed me. i am something more. i am something beautiful.

we are all unique and beautiful. i am wonderful. you are amazing. we are exceptional. believe in your greatness. live the glory of your true self. know that yours is a life of meaning and significance. we are all beings of light and love.

create what you desire. create a life that expands the human spirit. it is our world to create and we can shape it in any way we please. create something beautiful.

be in love with your life and you will live in the light of empowerment and inspiration as you walk a path of self discovery, growth and transformation.

life is a soulful journey of spiritual exploration and with gentle guidance and compassionate listening we can create a peaceful paradise where all connect lovingly.

live with greater intention. live with divine purpose. live with sacred passion. live with a smile on your soul and gratitude in your heart. live with happiness as your constant companion. live with the light of inspiration as your guide. live with a positive attitude. how you live determines how your life will be. live with kindness. live with compassion. live with hope. live with joy. live with beauty. love with greater intention...

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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