Friday, February 28, 2014

A Place of Loving Kindness

it has always been and will always be my desire to live a spirit filled life in service to others. if my words have touched your soul than i have accomplished something positive and profound. if my ever evolving self has inspired you to move forward to a place of loving kindness than i have done something miraculous. if i have served in a manner that puts a smile on your face than i have experienced greatness. bless you all and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. you are loved.

are you ready for miracles. the time has come to open mind, body and soul to joyful alternatives. the moment has arrived to create your own reality. become self aware and love yourself in ways that empower and inspire. help yourself heal by believing you are worthy of all the beauty life has to offer. everything you desire is within your reach. the only question is - are you ready for miracles.

you are a vessel of divine love and by sharing that love you open your heart to the glory of sacred connections and eternal ecstasy. we are born to love. claim your birthright and live in the beauty of your blissful destiny.

the more you listen to your inner guidance the more opportunities you will have to live joyfully for wisdom is a gift we are all born with and the time has come to open that gift and share its beauty with the universe.

deep within the ocean of your souls potential is a place of love and light where greater spiritual awareness creates a sacred desire to heal and empower. dive in the water is beautiful.

a spiritually guided life lived in a gentle loving way creates a higher vibration which opens doors of possibility and windows of opportunity that we may connect with our higher self as we find our true purpose.

join me on my mission to deliver empowering messages and bring love and compassion to all humanity for we are one and together we can help all people create a life of joy.

a wholesome holistic approach to life is the first step on the path to creating heaven on earth. a positive attitude and belief system are the keys to spiritual evolution. believe you are divine and every choice becomes a sacred act.

a love and reverence for humanity and your true self will guide you to dive deep into your souls potential where you will awaken to the awareness that you are a vessel of divine love and it is that revelation that will inspire you to live joyfully.

within every soul is a place of love and light where greater awareness and a desire to heal and empower reside. go within and immerse yourself in the beauty of your soul that your true self may emerge and illuminate your path.

to grow and thrive we must be intelligent and thoughtful. we must embrace common sense and compassion. we must immerse ourself in what is truly important and manifest what will make us great and powerful beings. to evolve we must enrich, empower, educate and enlighten ourselves and others. this is what we must do.

live in the light of love and make sublime spiritual connections. immerse yourself in the energy of love and enter into karmic relationships that make you whole and complete. see truths that illuminate and wisdom that inspires as you look at life from different perspectives. the changes you seek are within for you are the change. let the transformation begin.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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