Friday, February 14, 2014

There is Beauty in the Human Spirit

their is beauty in the human spirit. the human spirit is where adventures begin. it is a positive vibration within that fills the soul with empowering life wellness inspired by angels. it is a place of compassionate understanding where kindness blossoms. it is a fountain of wisdom, comfort and support. immerse yourself in the human spirit and embrace a higher sense of self. there is beauty in the human spirit.

a rich and joyous life is the reward for those who live mindfully and take personal responsibility for their destiny.

when you love and appreciate yourself you become more spiritual and you allow more joy and serenity into your life. To love yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world for by loving yourself you inspire others to love each other and themselves.

those who walk a metaphysical path are able to receive guidance. those who walk a spiritual path are able to receive light. those who walk a path of kindness and compassion are able to receive love. the path we walk is ours to choose.

i am in love with the universe. i know that the universe loves me. i know that the universe is guiding me. i know that the universe wants only what's good for me. i know that the universe is within me. i am in love with the universe.

you can heal yourself from within. you can bring out the joy and happiness and share it with the world. believe that you are filled with miracles and yours will be a life divine.

every moment is a meaningful experience when you are in harmony with the world around you. you can facilitate your own transformation by allowing the light of creation to uplift you spiritually and guide you along the divine path of the soul. a blissful state of being is yours the moment you believe in your greatness. every breath is a sacred gift when you love who you are.

mindful nourishment of the self and soul will create a positive transformation that inspires healing and happiness as it guides one along a path of deeper awareness.

in a field of love i am embraced by flowers of beauty and spirit which inspire my heart and soul to live every dream and manifest every desire that i may truly know the miracle that is life.

embrace a new way of seeing. look at life through eyes of spirit. by seeing beauty in all things we open our lives to more joy. look at the world in a loving way and you will be blessed with divine gifts that transform.

listen to your soul with heartfelt intention and let its wisdom cleanse and purify your sacred self that you may walk this earth in beauty and light.

walk with me through angelic realms of light where we will discover our higher purpose . dive deeply into awareness that you may immerse yourself in the beauty of your true self. dance with me in celebration of the light of love that is your essence. soar with me through heavenly dimensions of joy where we will realize our true greatness.

connect with yourself in ways spirited and soulful. live joyfully and authentically as you journey to a place of sacred thought and inspired action. awaken to the life of beauty that is your birthright. to truly know yourself is to know happiness. to truly know yourself is to know love.

what inspires you on your path. does a playful atmosphere move you to embrace freedom. does a profound catharsis open you to infinite possibilities. does a kind gesture motivate you to experience greater aliveness. does self liberation and purification give you the strength to live joyfully and authentically. discover what inspires you on your path and live its truth and beauty.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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