Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is a Poem and We are Poets

Life is a Poem and we are Poets. Poets of Spirit, Poets of Joy, Poets of Hope and Poets of Love. Envelope the Earth with the Beauty of your Words and Wisdom. Yours is a Voice that needs to be heard. The Heart of Humanity beats a Rhythm that Serenades the Souls of all living things. Radiate Goodness and make the Poem within you a Garment of Joy that you wear Proudly.

I Live in a place where Divinity manifests. A place of the Highest Inspiration where people of all faiths are welcome. I call this place Home. When we make our Home a place of Peace and Blessings we become True Angelic Beings. Join me in my Home in a Mystical Union of Beauty and Spirit. I Live in a place where Love manifests and so can you. Welcome Home!

Awaken your Light Body and give Meaning to your Life. Make Love to your Spirit and give Birth to a New Reality. A reality of Hope and Happiness where Joy flows like a river. Fall in Love with yourself and Create an Extraordinary Existence made of Kindness and Compassion. Climb to heights of Transformation that you may Enhance everyday life. Live the Love you are and You will Love the Life you Live!

Blessed Child of Light, when i look at you i see the Stars in your Eyes and feel the Heaven in your Heart. My Soul aligns with the Universe when i see you Smile. You are within me and were i to be without you my Life would be empty. So i spends my days looking within to the Playground in my Soul. Today i will venture inside and we will Frolic. Tomorrow you will venture outside and together we will Change the World.

My Spirit is filled with Hope for today is a new Opportunity to manifest the Life i desire. Today is a new Opportunity to Live a Charmed existence. Today is a new Opportunity to Paint a Picture with my Heart that Transforms into Light. What does Happiness mean to you? To me Happiness is the Opportunity to rest upon the Wind, to talk to the Angels and to experience Boundless Love and Joy.

Dream Wisdom. Create Profound and Transformative Soul to Soul relationships. Place your hand on your chest and feel the Heartbeat of God for you are Divine. We are all Sacred Beings of Love and Light. Live Beautiful, Embrace the Earth, Cleanse the Spirit and make every moment a Joyous Celebration of the Greatness within. I Love Who I Am, I Love Who You Are and I Love what comes next.

Live and Breathe Peace and Happiness. Smile as you Contribute to the Evolution of Spirit. Let Love be your Life and Life be your Love. Commune with your Soul and see your Journey as a Beautiful picture that rests upon the Wind. Mother Earth is calling you to Share the presence of Angels that all may see the Heaven in your Heart. Kiss the Sky, Hug the Planet and make Love to the Universe. You have my Blessing.

There is a Labyrinth of Love within my Soul that Guides me along a Profound Pathway of Warmth and Understanding that i may Live a Happy and fulfilling Life. Through Kindness to others and common Humanity i Contribute to society in a way that Connects our Spirits. Come with me to the Sea of Truth where Waves of Joy wash away all Life's worries and woes as we sit atop the Earth and Celebrate today.

Save our Ailing Planet. Every gesture no matter how small contributes to the betterment of Humankind. Give food and clothing to shelters, volunteer at a hospice, write a letter to the editor, contact your local politician, think with your Heart, Live a Spiritual Life, Recycle, Give blood, Sign your Donor Card, Embrace your own Greatness and Say I Love You more often. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You......

( Words, Thoughts and Musings by Micheal Teal / The Ancient One )

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Dawn said...

Michael, Thank you for this! I was going through emails and found one from you from months ago where you had commented on my site Imagine the Shift. Your msg prompted me to check out your writings and I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Peace to you, Dawn - The Good News Muse