Thursday, April 27, 2017

You are an Extraordinary and Important Individual of Light

you are an extraordinary and important individual of light whose truth, love and wisdom bless the world with sacred brilliance and radiant beauty.

opportunities and experiences that benefit us enormously come our way when we look within and access our divine truth and ethereal blessings.

live from the core of your essence. love from the center of your being. by living and loving from those sacred spaces within we become a gift to the world that helps heal humanity.

we are each in our own unique way agents of change who by living vibrantly with conscious awareness of our magickal blessings can create a loving community of gentle guidance and spiritual glory.

mine is a heart opening journey of unique purpose and spirit lifting insight in which i seek to use my powerful energies to create rewarding experiences that bring immense joy to every soul i meet along the way.

spirit resides within and by immersing ourselves in its sacred wisdom we are deeply blessed with waves of love that cleanse and transform our journey.

self love and worth are the keys to a life of happiness. so make the choice to fully embrace who you are and use those keys to open doorways to profound transformation and gateways to divine bliss.

powerful and meaningful is a path of pure passionate joy as it is one of holistic wellness which facilitates personal growth by inspiring us to live our best life.

a smile is a gift of transformational cleansing that we share with the world which opens the heart in a way that allows us to experience life more directly.

make an effort to connect with your angels as this will ignite growth while blessing you with the tools necessary to create a joyful life of spirit.

choosing a path of pure unconditional love where you allow yourself to be limitless is a deeply beautiful blessing that creates for us an empowering environment in which we make a positive impact on the world.

we ignite our purpose and grow in a positive direction when we love and believe in who we are.

full of inspiration and incomparable joy are we who elevate our self esteem by loving ourselves completely and unconditionally.

there is wisdom in your wounds. there is great knowledge in the broken parts of your being. life is filled with lessons and those who study hard and truly learn are the ones who triumph over adversity as they ascend into the light.

a positive uplifting approach to life helps us manifest loving relationships in which miracles happen as we align with our highest self.

true empowerment comes to those who live passionately as they seek a deeper purpose that is profound, significant and truly gratifying.

you are a unique and powerful force for good who by listening to the voice within is destined to live an empowered life of intentional actions which make a positive impact in the world.

connect to your purpose by living from a place of authenticity for it is by being true to yourself that you feel the power of who you are and continue to evolve in soul driven ways.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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