Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Smile is an Expression of Enlightenment

a smile is an expression of enlightenment and by sharing its beauty with the world you open doorways to sacred freedom and yours becomes a unique spiritual journey of tremendous power where every moment is a miracle that you create.

ours is a divine destiny of genuine happiness, enchantment and peace. to live that destiny we must get out of our own way by removing those things which impede our spiritual growth. you and only you can free your soul and liberate your life. choose now to live your destiny.

live purposely as you plant seeds of joy and happiness in the nature of your reality and you will grow a life of spirit that is deeply satisfying where love blossoms.

the infinite and eternal spirit of the ancestors are a force of the universe who convey sacred messages which when listened to and followed invite joy and happiness into our lives.

we create for ourselves a new world of peaceful awareness. awakened consciousness, profound wisdom and boundless love when we free our essential authentic essence and live the true miracle of who we are.

as you journey to the self you unfold spiritually as the healing powers of love cleanse your mind, body and soul.

you are a loving creation in a cosmic universe and by directing the course of your life with respect and reverence for your blessings you make yours a sacredly blissful journey of deep insights, silent contentment and unbridled joy.

ours can be a truly heavenly world of wonders when we walk a path of spiritual significance that uplifts and elevates for we are divine beings of free flowing energy born of light and destined for greatness.

mine is a profound prayer of wholeness and awakening in which i bring glory to the lives of others by helping make theirs a healthy environment of heavenly wonders where miracles are commonplace.

when we love our true self we infuse our life with energetic vibrations of sweet blissful passion that create within us a symphony of light which makes ours an uplifting story of spiritual enrichment.

once you accept and embrace the truth that you are a beautifully original and glorious celestial being of light you will be swept away on waves of love to a fantastic future in harmony with the universe.

you have within you the ability to create the answers you seek for you are far more powerful than you realize. believe that you are a blessed being and open yourself fully to your sacredness as this will free your gifts that they may unfold into your life and transform your world.

a life divine is one in which mind and heart are open for it is when we are truly open to the miracle of life that our path becomes one of richly profound experiences and spiritual encounters that unfold into a garden paradise of ethereal bliss.

devotion to self weaves within us energies of deep love and wisdom which create a blissful state of wholeness.

we find our paradise when we seek to bestow treasures of spiritual significance upon each other as this creates a beautiful awareness and soul centered clarity which manifests positive change.

you are composed of and surrounded by sacred energy. by seeking to raise your fields of energy you transcend boundaries and with the fabric of life weave a wondrous existence.

life is a wondrously beautiful and sacred story of love and light with you as its author. so if this chapter isn t what you would like it to be then make the choice to write something that embraces your true essence and serves your highest good.

once you realize how beautiful you truly are life becomes a divine dance of astonishing discoveries and miraculous happenings.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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