Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knowledge , Wisdom and Truth

Knowledge , Wisdom and Truth are the Keys to our survival as a people. The recent earthquake in Pakistan is a Testament to the fact that we are capable as a people of helping others. Its a shame it takes tragedies of this magnitude to awaken our compassionate selves. We should be reaching out at all times . We should be using our Minds in the Highest Way. We all have a Soulful purpose. It is our duty to Promote a Culture of Peace. We should all have the Freedom to Blossom.

The hurricane in New Orleans , the earthquake in Pakistan and the myriad of other tragedies around the globe should Inspire us to Embrace the Beauty of all Living things and to work towards opening a Pathway to Healing and Peace. The Dance of Life can be one of Great Beauty and Freedom. We must Seek to Enrich all Life.

The Heart of the Human Spirit is Open to Infinite Possibilities. Look within and Seek to make all Beings Happy.

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