Tuesday, October 25, 2005

God Bless Rosa Parks

In this Eternal Dance we call Life we are at times given the Opportunity to witness Greatness. Rosa Parks with a simple act of defiance Changed a nation. There are many Paths to Enlightenment and Rosa Parks with her Courage and Conviction Enriched and Enlightened a nation. The Voice of her Soul is with us today and forever. Let us not let her passing go unnoticed. Let us Embrace the Truth and Rejoice in her Journey to Personal Freedom. She was and is a Flame of Hope that one day we will realize that we are all Brothers and Sisters. Rosa Parks has helped me Awaken my Divine Self. She is a Unique and Special person who Radiates Love and Light. God Bless Rosa Parks!



You are Wisdom and Guidance
You are Unique and Treasured
You are a Blossomed Leaf


You are Hope and Persistence
You are Clarity and Kindness
You are the Beauty of the Rain


You are Serenity and Grace
You are Bliss and Contentment
You are the Soul of Nature

God Bless Rosa Parks
God Bless One and All


You are Trust and Belief
You are Exploration and Expression
You are the Sands of Life

God Bless Rosa Parks
God Bless one and All

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