Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Celebrate your Harvest

I am always taken aback by the juxtaposition of those who have to those who have not. I was at a Literary Festival on the weekend and was struck by the amount of Homeless in the area of the festival. Each of us whether rich or poor are a Divine Manifestation. We are all a part of the Luminous Tapestry that is Sacred Mother Earth. Having lived on the streets for a short time myself my Heart goes out to all those who are less fortunate. We each should Celebrate our Harvest as we are Truly Blessed. The beaten , battered and broken are nonetheless still are Brothers and Sisters. By Helping them we pay Tribute to the Spirit Within.

It was an Awe filled Encounter that has touched me profoundly. The gap between rich and poor widen day by day. So we as a people must strive to level the playing field so that all may Reap the Benefits mankind has to offer. Nature speaks with many Voices. Listen to the Sounds of Truth that surround you. Give who you are into the World.

Whispered Prayers
Of Spirit and Love
Set me Free
That my Soul may Soar
With the Eagles and the Angels

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