Friday, September 23, 2005

A Voice in the Wilderness

Sometimes at night I hear a Voice in the Wilderness of my Soul crying out for Humanity in a world that is becoming increasingly inhumane. I see images of Africa , Iraq , New Orleans ... Images of Poverty , Starvation and Devestation. Freedom means little when you have no home or food. Democracy means little when you are jailed for your Opinion or for the Color of your skin.

My Dreams are of Salvation . I Pray for a World of Peace where Sacred Mother Earth is Honored and Respected. We live in a world of Infinite Possibilities. Seek your Peace and Follow your Inner Guidance. Reach out to those in need and Lift their Spirits as you Raise your own Vibration. When we Help others we are in Communion with the Soul.

My goal in Life has always been simple - I wake up in the morning and if i am still alive when its time to go to bed then i've had a Good day.


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