Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain. Mother Earth has a Memory and a Mean Streak. Global Warming is here and its pretty pissed. Our past is threatening our future. Its time to take this threat seriously and to listen to what our own planet is saying to us. What its saying is HELP! The Waters of the Earth are rising and we as responsible people must take action individually and as a whole. There is Wisdom in every Soul. We need to reduce consumption , reduce pollution , recycyle , restore and take an active interest in our Evolution.

The Voice of the Land is speaking to us. The House of our Fruits is shaking on its foundation but its not too late. The Beauty of the Green Earth can and must be Preserved. Thoughts forge Reality and we must begin to Change our way of Thinking to that which is Sacred and which fosters a Spiritual Awakening. We are all Connected - every Person , Every Plant , every Drop of Rain.

These are Socially urgent times in our Evolutionary Journey. This Planet is our Garment and to this point we have not worn it well. Nature Speaks but man has a deaf ear. We must turn our ear to the Wind and listen to that Voice in the Wilderness and let it Stimulate our Thoughts and Inspire us to Awaken the Healer within. This is a time for Healing. We must rebuild a Relationship with our Planet. One of Mutual Respect. Bless the Breath of Life that brought us here.

Wind , Fire , Flood and Rain
Nature Speaks
Thoughts Overflowing from God
Timeless Wisdom
Mysterious and Beautiful
Tragic and Fragile
Profound Teachings
Embrace the Truth

These are my Thoughts for the day.


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